The Gastrovac®


The Gastrovac®

Think of the Gastrovac as a crock pot, vacuum pump and heating plate in one. Suspend your food--pear slices, for example--in a basket above a flavorful liquid, such as wine broth. Seal the machine, and hit a button to turn the cooking chamber into a vacuum. The low-pressure environment pulls all the air out of the food, compressing it like a squished sponge. Near the end of their cooking, drop the pears into the broth and restore the pressure. The liquid rushes into the cells, infusing the fruit with an intense wine flavor. And no oxygen means no oxidation--so instead of turning brown, fruit comes out as brightly colored as it was when first sliced.

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A big part of the attraction a Gastrovac holds is it's sheer diversity. It can be used to sous vide, vacuum, cook, to infuse, and fry all in one machine. It was designed and built by Torres ad Javier Andres of La Sucursal restaurant in Valencia, who teamed with a group of scientists from Valencia's Polytechnic University. What set these two chefs apart was there approach. They said that while other chefs were trying to make one food taste like another they were trying to make food taste more like itself, bringing out it's natural deliciousness.

Another notable advantage, especially for the drinks world, is the sheer volume of liquid the Gastrovac can hold up to 8litres in its pot at one time.

It is dubbed "a compact appliance for cooking and impregnating in a vacuum." The official stance on how it works is…. " by creating an artificial low pressure, oxygen-free atmosphere, the Gastrovac considerably reduces cooking and frying temperatures, maintaining the texture, colour and nutrients of the food. Moreover, the Gastrovac creates the sponge effect: when the atmospheric pressure is restored, the food absorbs the liquid around it, allowing infinite combination of food and flavours." So it is not just for making food taste more like itself, you can infact make a pineapple taste like a cherry, an apple taste like chocolate and so on.

In more easily understood English the Gastrovac cooks under vacuum conditions using the temperature control of induction. Similar to a rotavapor it means you can boil water at 40c or fry oil at 80c. This has two effects. One, you can retain nutrients in food because the temperature is lower meaning more flavour. Secondly, you can cook more delicate products such as flowers who's volatiles would be burnt away and flavour lost at normal temperatures.

Strawberries keep their shape and consistency at 45c for 20 minutes. Depressure 10 times throughout the 20 minutes when cooked with any jus syrup or wine to infuse flavour.

Pineapple's cooked at 55c for 45 minutes creates an almost transparent product when cooked with any jus, syrup or wine.

Impregnating chicken instead of marinating for 2 days. Place the chicken, plus marinade into the gastrovac. Set to an ambient temperature and depressurise every so often to drive the marinade into the chicken. Sounds a bit like chicken infused with chicken.....


  • The Gastrovac®
  • Bowl Capacity of 8litres
  • 2000watt Motor
  • Cooking Temperature of up to 100°C
  • The pot has a device which allows the inner basket to be lifted, without losing the vacuum, and to prevent impregnation.
  • Maximum vacuum level reached is approximately -0.8 bar depending on working temperature.
  • The temperature is controlled by a probe plugged into the pot at the bottom.
  • The Gastrovac has a time counter with acoustic signal from 1 to 99 minutes.

Additional Information

Delivery 3–5 Days Delivery
Dimensions (D x W x H) General Dimensions: 470mm x 470mm x 400mm
Weight of Machine: 20kg
Shipping Weight: 18kg
Pressure: 0.8 Bar
Capacity: 8 Litre
Cooking Temperature up to 100°C
Power Supply UK 3pin plug or Schuko plug for Europe
Finish No
Warranty 1 Years Parts & Labour


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