Polyscience Smoking Gun Promo Pack
Polyscience Smoking Gun Promo Pack

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This Polyscience Smoking Gun Promo Pack includes 5 x 500ml pots of wood chips so you can quickly infuse meats, poultry, fish, vegetables and other foods with smoky aromas and flavours without grilling or flame broiling. It is also fantastic for adding smoke to cocktails and beverages - such as an Applewood-smoked Bloody Mary or a cigar-smoke infused Manhattan.

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    24-Jun-2015 Product:
    Great tool - perfect selection of wood chips
    15-Jul-2015 Product:
    Good value for money with the wood chips included in the promo pack - my husband certainly enjoyed his smokey old fashioned we made with it!
    16-Aug-2015 Product:
    04-Dec-2015 Product:
    See above
    05-Dec-2015 Product:
    Great fun for the enthusiastic amateur - the bumper pack with 5 tubs of wood chips is excellent value.
    Only drawback is the small reservoir for the chips - - make sure there is good ventilation as the volume of smoke is capable of filling a kitchen within a few minutes.
    Definitely good fun !
    07-Dec-2015 Product:
    Great value for money
    07-Dec-2015 Product:
    10-Dec-2015 Product:
    Really like the smoking gun - I've so far smoked goats cheese for a pasta filling, parmesan cheese, and some potatoes prior to mashing them. I've been happy with all of the results. It's a light smoke, but if you give cheese a few hits and it's crumbled, you can build a strong smokey flavour.
    10-Dec-2015 Product:
    17-Jan-2016 Product:
    As Above
    28-Jan-2016 Product:
    Good value on excellent product.
    29-Jan-2016 Product:
    31-Mar-2016 Product:
    Great product!! Fun to use and inspires one's imagination!
    24-Jun-2016 Product:
    12-Jul-2016 Product:
    13-Oct-2016 Product:
    The product works great.
    But that the safety sticker, which has to be removed to use the smoke gun, does not come off without leaving large bits and glue residues behind is rather annoying considering the price of the product
    24-Oct-2016 Product:
    Great product, even if it is quite expensive compared to the simplicity of the design. I've used it to smoke chicken legs after sous-vide cooking and blow torch searing. After just 3 minutes under the smoke, the taste was very BBQ like. Paired with the perfect cooking permitted by sous-vide, it was a... Read More.
    12-Nov-2016 Product:
    Great tool for smoking and the chips are a good size and will last sometime
    17-Nov-2016 Product:
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Product Description


This Polyscience Smoking Gun Promo Pack includes 5 x 500ml pots of wood chips so you can quickly infuse meats, poultry, fish, vegetables and other foods with smoky aromas and flavours without grilling or flame broiling. Included in this special edition pack are 5 extra packs of 500ml pots. The Smoking Gun™ by PolyScience® is the quickest and most convenient way to apply cool natural smoke to food. The ability to expose food to smoke without heat opens new ways to create exciting flavours and unexpected combinations. Compared to a traditional smoker, which uses heat and longer smoking times, applying The Smoking Gun™ technique leads to a lighter infusion or subtle finish of smoke. This allows for quite unusual approaches to smoking.

The gun also comes complete, with 4 AA batteries and 2 extra sample jars of PolyScience smoking sawdust in hickory and Applewood.



PolyScience® is inventing culinary technology that helps chefs to find new ways of expressing their creativity. PolySciences' core competence is in designing and manufacturing extremely precise temperature control solutions. This competence led Philip Preston many years ago to support the first creative chefs exploring sous vide cooking. Today, the world's best chefs rely on this technique. PolyScience® thermal circulators are their first choice technology for it and many great friendships have developed since then. His passion for futuristic kitchen gear has also captured the attention of America's top chefs, like Grant Achatz at Chicago's Alinea. With the impulse of Chef Achatz, Philip developed the Anti-Griddle™. Within the last years additional innovative culinary tools were added and Philip Preston is constantly working on new inventions to give chefs more ways of expressing their culinary creativity.


  • Create classic flavours with PolyScience® wood chips, or expand your culinary creativity by smoking with flavours like teas, spices, and dried flowers One-piece, removable anodized aluminium smoking chamber
  • Heavy-duty metal blower fan - will not melt when heated
  • Efficient, low-noise motor
  • Excellent for finishing products that are cooked sous vide or other methods where food is not normally directly exposed to fire or smoke
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Includes two 1/2 OZ sample jars of PolyScience® Hickory and Apple Wood Smoking Sawdust

Care & Maintenance

  • To remove the mesh, use screwdriver in middle hole under head to push and then lift out mesh
  • Clean the chamber and replace mesh if necessary
  • The mesh should stop build-up in the chamber of the Smoking Gun™. It is important to replace the mesh — if you are using the Smoking Gun™ everyday then you should probably replace the mesh once a week. In your user manual there is a 'Care and Storage' section which will give a more detailed account of how to take care of the Smoking Gun™
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery 48 Hours Delivery
Dimensions (D x W x H) Main Chamber - L:122mm x W:46mm x D:46mm
Handle - L:110mm x W:41mm x D:34mm
Smoking Tube - L:105mm x W:10mm
Power Supply 4 X A4 Batteries
Finish Black
Brand PolyScience®
Warranty 1 Years Parts & Labour
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