PrO-Xtract 5 Refrigerated Centrifuge (4x250ml Capacity)
PrO-Xtract 5 Refrigerated Centrifuge (4x250ml Capacity)

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The PrO-Xtract 5 RefrCentrifuge centrifuge is a compact table top high speed unit taking 4 x 250ml bottles (supplied) on a swing out rotor

It will allow you to use just the water and oil from a centrifuged tomato puree.

Fast clarification, extraction, and separation of foods & liquids based on density

Experiment with constructed creams/butters from legumes and vegetables: peas/broadbeans/carrots etc

Make clear consommés with less effort

Centrifuge fruit and vegetable purees for clean separations without heat

Clarify juices with greater yield and clarity (Addition of Pectinex-Ultra/SP-L recommended for this process)

Make smoother nut milks (almond, pistachio, macadamia, etc) and nut oils
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Product Description


High-end restaurants have begun adding a new piece of equipment to the kitchen that until recently was found mainly in medical laboratories and university chemistry departments. The bigger versions look a bit like washing machines, but the spin cycle in these ultra centrifuges is a lot more powerful than that of any professional washing machine. They whirl vials around tens of thousands of times a minute, generating centrifugal forces up to 30,000 times as strong as Earth’s gravity.

The PrO-Xtract 5 Refrigerated Refrigerated Centrifuge enables longer spin cycles without consequent raised (bottle) temperature and potential spoiling of flavour compounds. The PrO-Xtract 5 Centrifuge is a compact table top high speed unit taking 4 x 250ml bottles (supplied) on a swing out rotor.

Centrifuges are very handy for several reasons. A centrifuge saves a cook time: a separation process, such as extracting the oil from a vegetable puree, that might take days under natural gravity finishes in mere minutes at 20,000 g. The results are also much more predictable than those obtained by natural settling. The biggest selling point for these culinary tools, however, is the amazingly clean division they produce among the components. Because the food emerges from the centrifuge separated into distinct strata, it is easy for the cook to then decant or scoop off the layers he or she wants to use..

In many foods, the high-speed spin concentrates the flavor molecules in a powerfully aromatic liquid layer that is ideal for cooking. A chef might use just the water and oil from a centrifuged tomato puree, for example, to make a consommé that has a brilliantly strong tomato flavor yet is perfectly clear. Chris Holland in our research kitchen has used the PrO-Xtract Centrifuge to make sweet and rich carotene butters from carrots. Indeed, centrifuges are great for spinning fat out of all kinds of vegetables and nuts; you can then use the purified fat to make constructed creams having consistencies similar to dairy cream but with dramatic and unexpected flavors—and because they are dairy-free, they are suitable for vegans to eat..

To make a soup or sauce that is transparent and smooth on the tongue, you must somehow remove solid particles that are larger than the tongue can discriminate: about seven microns (a mere 0.0003 inch) in size. Strainers, filters and other culinary tools can do this, with enough time and effort. But it’s hard to beat the convenience of just pouring the mixture into a bottle, sticking it in the super spinner and pressing “start.”


  • 4 x 250ml Capacity
  • Speed (RPM):500 – 4,000 (1 Rpm Steps)
  • RCF Max (G): 2,600
  • Extra thick Stainless steel bowl
  • Tachometer speed certification
  • Light & Quiet
  • Safety features to PrO-Xtract: Multi point lid locking. Emergency lid release. Lid gas struts. Lid lock detection. Imbalance detection. Overspeed Sensor. Barrier ring. Set inverter values. Motor overheat sensor.
  • Memory: 108 Programs
  • Dims HWD (mm): 315 mm x 450 mm x 635 mm
  • Weight (Kg): 63 (without rotor)
  • Power (Watts): 448
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery 3–5 Days Delivery
Dimensions (D x W x H) General Dimensions (HxWxD): 315 mm x 450 mm x 635 mm
Power Supply UK 3pin plug or Schuko plug for Europe
Finish Painted Steel Shell
Brand No
Warranty 1 Years Parts & Labour
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