SousVide Supreme® SVS-10LS Obsession Promotion
SousVide Supreme® SVS-10LS Obsession Promotion

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In stock for immediate delivery with detachable power leads; both UK and European plugs included!

Limited Time Offer! To Celebrate Obsession 2016 at Northcote with Michelin Star Chef Nigel Haworth we have this exclusive SousVide Supreme™ Package for only £399.99 delivered. This SousVide Supreme™ SVS-10LS Obsession Promotion that includes everything you need to start sous vide cooking today, including the SousVide Supreme™ SVS-10LS Water Oven, the SousVideTools® Vacuum Sealer , 20cm x 6m Vacuum Sealer Rolls and a copy of Nigel Haworths Obsession 2016 Recipe Book with over 100 recipes from the menus of Obsession 2016 International chefs including 2 Michelin Starred Jean-Luc Rocha, 3 Michelin Starred Annie Féolde, the 3 Michelin Starred Hideaki Matsuo and the 2 Michelin Starred Arnaud Bignon.

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To Celebrate Obsession 2016 at Northcote with Michelin Star Chef Nigel Haworth we have this exclusive Sous Vide Package for only £399.99 delivered. The set includes everything you need to get you started with sous vide cooking; including a SousVide Supreme SVS-10LS Water Oven, complete with a SousVideTools® Vacuum Sealer,a pack of 20cm x 6m Vacuum Sealer Rolls and a copy of Nigel Haworth's 2016 Obsession Recipe Book

OBSESSION 2016 brought an exceptional line up of local, national and international talent to Northcote. Each chef created a unique menu, custom made to showcase the very best of Lancashire's and the North West's fresh, local produce. It was an incredible line up with 18 chefs travelling in from five continents with a combined total of 17 Michelin stars.

The SousVide Supreme is the world's first water oven designed specially to bring this amazing cooking method into any domestic kitchen, and we know you will love the unequalled cooking convenience which the SousVide Supreme SVS-10LS water oven delivers from such a compact countertop appliance.

Sous vide (pronounced ˜soo-veed") is a method of cooking which dramatically simplifies food preparation as well as delivering more consistent and evenly cooked results than conventional cooking methods. Come home to gourmet-quality meals every day, with virtually no effort! Just season your food, seal it in a special vacuum pouch, set the time and temperature, and get on with your day while the water oven does the rest.

The Supreme cooks any food perfectly, simply at the touch of a button. The vacuum-sealed pouches lock in the flavours to ensure maximum nutritional value, producing delicious dishes with beautiful texture and tantalising taste. Consistent temperature control and slow cooking produces consistently outstanding dishes, with exquisitely cooked medium-rare steaks, tender chicken breasts and vegetables bursting with the freshest flavours. And it even saves money too, as it makes even cheaper cuts of meat just as tender and tasty as the juiciest of fillets.

Enthusiastic amateur or professional chef, whatever your ability, the SousVide Supreme Water Oven system will have you serving up gourmet cuisine with ease, and all from an appliance the size of a domestic bread warmer taking minimal space on your counter top and easy to store away when not in use.

Accompanying the water oven is the SousVideTools® Vacuum Sealer delivers convenient and efficient packing and sealing of ingredients to be cooked Sous Vide, combining ease of use, powerful suction, and excellent affordability. Its sleek design is both stylish and easy to clean, and its compact size makes it simple to store away too. Vacuum sealing removes the air and extends the freshness of food stored in the freezer, refrigerator and cupboards. You can now store your food in the freezer for months – even years - without freezer burn. The sealer offers four distinct functions, allowing maximum versatility in sous vide cooking: The ‘vacuum and seal’ function removes the air from the cooking pouch, to achieve maximum transfer of heat from the water to the ingredients during the sous vide cooking process; while the ‘quick seal’ function seals in the food but without removing the air for cooking foods with marinades and liquids. Our unit also has some brand new features to take vacuum sealing to the next level. The new Moist/Dry setting to designed to reinforce the seal when handling juicy foods.

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SousVide Supreme


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Additional Information

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Warranty 2 Years Parts & Labour
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