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The SousVideTools® team has applied its great expertise to bring you this fantastic range of Sous Vide and vacuum packing equipment. The range offers the perfect combination of high technology, innovative design and great practicality. The SousVideTools® range of products is now recognised globally as a brand that stands for precision, reliability and innovation.

SousVideTools® stays up-to-date with the new food service trends, the most innovative technologies and the demands of the finest chefs. We have worked closely with the factory to develop the SousVideTools® range of cooking and vacuum equipment with professional and aspiring chefs in mind. Together we make sure that chefs have the best tools for the job. The SousVideTools® goal is to bring cooking and food processing methods of the future to the professional kitchen today.

The SousVideTools® Range







Containers for

 Compostable 80mu Chamber Vacuum Pouches

Embossed Vacuum
Sealer Bags & Rolls

Boilable Sous
Vide Pouches

Live and Breath Sous Vide

The whole team at SousVideTools.com is extremely passionate about supplying great Sous Vide, Vacuum packing equipment and a carefully selected range of additional pieces of equipment that we feel best compliment our range. We are a family run business that distributes all over the UK, Ireland and Europe and are the UK’s leading supplier. By using our products, chefs and those who simply enjoy cooking will benefit from greater consistency and accuracy.

We have also developed you the most interactive app yet. Simply choose a food you wish to cook and how you would like it cooked and our app will calculate the time and temperature needed. When used with our iVide device the app will then start cooking and keep you notified of when your food is ready. More than 1 of our iVide devices? Our app is capable of multicooker, so you can control several devices at a time. Rustled up something amazing with a few of your own tweaks but can’t remember what you did? We have cook history so you can recreate things again and again, also handy for our professional chefs who may need to reference back for the filling in of paper work.

What the Professionals say

iVide Plus Thermal Circulator

At the final of National Chef of the Year, I was extremely impressed with the Ivide Plus, its rapid heat up, meant I could make my quince puree without taking up valuable stove space and having to worry about it colouring.

Steve Groves I Roux at Parliment Square

SousVideTools Compact Water Bath

Precision and accuracy are essential in everything we do at The Raby Hunt. It is for this reason we rely on Sous Vide Tools Compact range of water baths throughout the kitchen.

James Close I The Raby Hunt

iVide WiFi Cooker

The iVide Wifi cooker is an amazing tool, not only for the professional chef but also the home cook. When used with the free App the iVide is extremely responsive and so useful, especially as we rely on our smart phones so much in our working day.

Brad Carter I Carters of Moseley