When cooking sous vide at home or in the professional kitchen, it’s important to ensure that the food you are serving is at the precise temperature, and this is where our specialist sous vide thermometers, including Thermo Jack and Thermapen® products, come in.

You can accurately read the temperature of food in the vacuum pouch without losing vacuum pressure by using a thermometer with super thin needle probe, combined with our sous vide foam tape. Simply place the tape on the vacuum pouch, place the needle though the foam into the food, record the temperature and remove the super thin sous vide needle. The foam tape then will expand to ensure vacuum is not lost.

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  1. SousVideTools® Vacuum Pouch Food Label
    Excl. VAT: £19.99 Incl. VAT: £23.99

    Sous Vide Food Labels our specially designed for use in water baths at temperatures up to 100°c. The Labels have a cook chill adhesive specifically designed for sous vide cooking. They will work on the smallest vacuum pouches available. This is the perfect way to keep your EHO officer extra happy Learn More >
  2. Sous Vide Thermometer & Probe Kit
    Excl. VAT: £99.99 Incl. VAT: £119.99

    This Thermometer is specially designed for Sous Vide Cooking. To measure the internal core temperature of food, simply place the included foam tape on to the pouch to ensure that no vacuum pressure within the pouch is lost & pierce the foam with the fine needle probe & measure the core temperature of the food. Learn More >
  3. Sous Vide Thermapen Thermometer

    RRP: £71.99

    Special Price Excl. VAT: £49.99 Incl. VAT: £59.99

    The Sous Vide Thermapen has been specifically designed for Sous Vide cooking. This model incorporates a miniature, stainless steel needle probe that has a reduced tip that conveniently folds back through 180 degrees into the side of the instrument when not in use. Learn More >
  4. 1metre Sous Vide Foam Tape (FDA Approved)
    Excl. VAT: £6.49 Incl. VAT: £7.79

    Sous Vide Foam Tape for use with temperature probes & vacuum pouches. The foam expands & seals punctures made when inserting your temperature probe into sous vide bag. This tape is 1metre long by 20mm wide and 4mm thick. This product is also FDA approved unlike cheaper alternatives. Learn More >

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