Polyscience® 200 Series Vacuum Sealer
Polyscience® 200 Series Vacuum Sealer

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Keep food fresher longer, eliminate waste, and protect prized possessions. With the PolyScience 200 Series vacuum sealing system, food stays fresher in the freezer, pantry or refrigerator and keepsakes are protected from water, dirt, and dust. This model is especially easy to operate, as there's no need to line anything up - you just slip the food into the bag and feed the open end into the machine

Product Description


Keep food fresher longer, eliminate waste, and protect prized possessions. With the PolyScience 200 Series vacuum sealing system, food stays fresher in the freezer, pantry or refrigerator and keepsakes are protected from water, dirt, and dust. With 240 volts of power, the 200 series is convenient and easy to use with its one-touch sealing operation. The Seal Plus feature ensures that you get an airtight seal every time. Its pulse feature puts you in control by allowing you to determine the amount of vacuum for your item. Sealing bags of food for Sous Vide cooking and also canisters with its external vacuum port, the sealer comes with six- one pint bags, six- one quart bags, and six- one gallon bags. Each bag is made with BPA free plastic. Promising customer satisfaction, the PolyScience 200 Series vacuum sealing system comes with a manufacturer's limited one year warranty.And this means storage times increase dramatically. Storing food in vacuum sealed pouches keeps it fresh for up to five times longer than ordinary storage methods. Fatty fish like salmon or sea trout stay fresh for up to a whole year, ripe strawberries and other such fruits and berries stay deliciously fresh for almost a fortnight, and home cooked biscuits can stay oven-fresh for between three and six weeks. Just imagine how must waste you could avoid! Even day to day leftovers can be kept as fresh as the day they were cooked, so mealtimes don't become repetitive anymore; and vacuum sealed individual portions make for quick and hassle free eating during a busy working week. And the vacuum sealers uses don't just stop at food either. It's also a quick and simple method of compressing and storing clothes for travel, for securing small valuables when in storage, or waterproofing precious items during outdoor activities. Please note that this device is not designed to take in liquids. This will damage the pump and invalidate the warranty.

The ‘vacuum and seal’ function removes the air from the cooking pouch, to achieve maximum transfer of heat from the water to the ingredients during the sous vide cooking process; while the ‘quick seal’ function seals in the food but without removing the air for cooking foods with marinades and liquids.

The PolyScience® 150 series Vacuum Sealer offers a range of useful benefits beyond sous vide cooking too, including:

  • - Maximising the shelf life of foodstuffs in the fridge, freezer or pantry.
  • - Sealing and securing small or delicate items during shipping or storage.
  • - Water protection for clothing and other belongings during outdoor activities such as camping, backpacking, or water sports.



PolyScience® is inventing culinary technology that helps chefs to find new ways of expressing their creativity. PolySciences' core competence is in designing and manufacturing extremely precise temperature control solutions. This competence led Philip Preston many years ago to support the first creative chefs exploring sous vide cooking. Today, the world's best chefs rely on this technique. PolyScience® thermal circulators are their first choice technology for it and many great friendships have developed since then. His passion for futuristic kitchen gear has also captured the attention of America's top chefs, like Grant Achatz at Chicago's Alinea. With the impulse of Chef Achatz, Philip developed the Anti-Griddle™. Within the last years additional innovative culinary tools were added and Philip Preston is constantly working on new inventions to give chefs more ways of expressing their culinary creativity.


  • Powerful suction
  • Compact countertop footprint
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-clean design
  • Pack of 6 PolyScience® Vacuum Seal medium pouches
  • Pack of 6 PolyScience® Vacuum Seal small pouches
  • Pack of 6 PolyScience® Vacuum Seal large pouches
  • Vacuum Sealer User's Guide
  • Dimensions:-77(h) x 318(w) x 280(d)mm
  • PolyScience® Vacuum Sealer Warranty Card
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery 24 Hours Delivery
Model VSCR-200AC2E
Dimensions (D x W x H) H 105 D 324 W 410 mm
Chamber Dimensions N/A
Vacuum Pump N/A
Sealing Length N/A
Packaging Speed N/A
Power Supply UK 3pin plug or Schuko plug for Europe
Finish Black
Brand PolyScience®
Warranty 1 Years Back to Base
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