Vesta Imersa Elite Sous Vide Promotion


Vesta Imersa Elite Sous Vide Promotion

This is the Imersa Elite bundle package for only £199.00. You will recieve the Imersa Elitewith its "flip design" and large digital display that is visible at a distance, making monitoring your cook easy in and out of the kitchen along with the SousVideTools® iVide Vacuum Sealer. Everything you need to start cooking sous vide at home.

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This sous vide cooker may be small but it packs a unique, powerful pump that delivers the same power as large immersion circulators and can efficiently heat up to 30 liters of water. This enables accurate, precise, and stable temperature control for perfectly cooked meals every time.

Easily read this large intuitive display from across the kitchen. Precision cooking is made easier with Vesta Precision’s large, readable touch display. Set time and temperature quickly and effortlessly. The timer can be set between 1minute and 99hours.

This precision cooker’s innovative foldable design gives it a smaller vertical footprint making it easier to store in your kitchen. The cooker’s shorter profile also allows you to use it with shallow containers, unlike taller stick cookers, that require you to cut up large food items like salmon into smaller portions for cooking.

The Vesta Imersa Elite Sous Vide Circulator has dust and water resistant components while the “Flip-Display” design positions the critical electronics away from the hot water bath thus preventing steam damage. It also features a minimum and maximum water level protection system which is ideal for long cooking times. Passed European IP68 safety requirement and European IPX7 submersible safety requirement.

The SousVideTools® Vacuum Sealer delivers fast, efficient sealing for ingredients ready for sous vide cooking. This model is especially easy to operate, as there's no need to line anything up - you just slip the food into the bag and feed the open end into the machine. Touch the button and the vacuum sealer automatically takes over, sucking out the air and sealing the bag perfectly every time. But the benefits of this vacuum sealer stretch far beyond just efficient sealing of food ready for sous vide cooking. Vacuum sealing of just about any type of food removes the oxygen from its environment, thus dramatically reducing the process of oxidation which causes the breakdown of the natural vitamins and nutrients within the food. And this means storage times increase dramatically. Storing food in vacuum sealed pouches keeps it fresh for up to five times longer than ordinary storage methods. Fatty fish like salmon or sea trout stay fresh for up to a whole year, ripe strawberries and other such fruits and berries stay deliciously fresh for almost a fortnight, and home cooked biscuits can stay oven-fresh for between three and six weeks. Just imagine how must waste you could avoid! Even day to day leftovers can be kept as fresh as the day they were cooked, so mealtimes don't become repetitive anymore; and vacuum sealed individual portions make for quick and hassle free eating during a busy working week. And the vacuum sealers uses don't just stop at food either. It's also a quick and simple method of compressing and storing clothes for travel, for securing small valuables when in storage, or waterproofing precious items during outdoor activities. Please note that this device is not designed to take in liquids. This will damage the pump and invalidate the warranty.


  • High precision Sous Vide thermal circulator with temperature control

  • 3inch touch screen interface

  • 1.2kW heating element

  • Designed to fit to any round or flat cooking vessel with a minimum depth of 12cm by means of a clamp

  • Best performances up to 30 litres

  • Working temperature 20°C to 95°C, accuracy 0.1°C

  • Offers exceptional temperature stability

  • Low level water protection device switches off the Sous Vide in case of accidental use without water

  • Circulating pump to eliminate cold and hot spots

  • Temperature sensor to prevent overload and overheating

  • A convenient handle makes it easy to carry

  • HxWxD (mm) 200 x 112 x 105

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Product Specification

Seasonal Promotion N/A
Promotional Product N/A
Delivery 24 Hours Delivery
Model SVT-01047
Dimensions (D x W x H) 112mm x 105mm x 200 mm (H)
Power Supply UK 3pin plug or Schuko plug for Europe
Finish No
Brand No
Warranty 1 Years Parts & Labour


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