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Professional Sous Vide Machines & Equipment offers the professional chef a range of sous vide machines and vacuum packing equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers including, PolyScience® ; that ensures chefs turn our perfectly cooked dishes every time. By cooking with a water bath or thermal circulator you get repeatability, uniform doneness, enhanced flavour, and perfect texture. Dishes can be held at serving temperature without the risk of drying out, over-cooking, or burning. Our wide range of vacuum packers means there is a machine to suit every level of kitchen and we would be happy to discuss your needs. Whilst products for the sous vide technique are the foundation of our business our range of products is constantly evolving to meet the needs of today’s chef and we are delighted to have introduced a range of Artame® Pressure cookers. As the exclusive distributor for PolyScience in the UK we offer a range of innovative products including the PolyScience® Smoking Gun, designed with the world’s leading chefs to bring an additional element to the kitchen.