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Sous vide cooking methods have been used by great chefs for decades and now they are accessible for home chefs too. The sous vide technique involves vacuum sealing food before immersing in a water bath at a precisely-controlled temperature for up to 72 hours which helps eliminate the risk of human error and guarantees precise cooking each and every time. With easy to follow cooking guidelines for every recipe, you can forget the days of rubbery fish, soggy vegetables and overdone steak.

SousVide Tools are proud to be a one stop shop for all sous vide machines, from water baths and vacuum sealers to dehydrators and smoking guns. Whether you want to introduce this culinary technique into your home or restaurant, we have the right machines available for you to buy.  Our expert team have a wealth of experience with sous vide equipment which we share with you in the form of how to’s, sous vide recipes and video guides. For all of our tips and advice, head over to our resource centre.


Sousvidetools.com is the exclusive distributor for the Vac-Star® and Foodtek™. We provide professional chefs with a range of sous vide equipment that ensures chefs turn our perfectly cooked dishes every time. By cooking with a water bath or thermal circulator you get repeatability, uniform doneness, enhanced flavor, and perfect texture without the stress of strict timing. Dishes can be held at serving temperature without the risk of drying out, over-cooking, or burning.

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