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Home Vacuum Sealers

Our extensive range of vacuum sealers includes products manufactured by ourselves (under our very own iVide range) and Magic Vac® and are specially selected as an affordable, convenient, and efficient way to package foods vacuum pouches.

We have two types of vacuum packer for the home chef, external and chamber.

External Vacuum sealers suck air out of a pouch from the exterior of the appliance, i.e. by placing the open end of the pouch underneath a lid, withdrawing the air and then heat sealing the vacuum pouch  This style of machine is lower priced than the chamber style machines and work well for most home cooks. The external vacuum packer must be used with embossed vacuum pouches. 

Whilst many home foodies opt for an external vacuum packing machines/vacuum-sealer, we had a increased demand for a affordable chamber option for the home chef  due to the fact that they can be used to seal liquids under vacuum. With our extensive knowledge of vacuum packing machines from our professional customers we were delighted to find a number of products that we thought bought all the benefits of a professional chamber machine but at a price and size that suited the home customer.

Whichever style you opt for all machines are ideal for use in the home kitchen, prepare make-ahead meals over the weekend, then store them for easy weeknight reheating, buy food in bulk then freeze for later - use in meal or serving-size portions, and store meals in serving-sized portions for simple and effective portion control. 

Of course whilst vacuum packing has an ability to extend shelf life and preserve all manner of produce its also a perfect partner when cooking with the sous vide technique (as an essential extra to any of our sous vide devices)