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Sous Vide Equipment for Home Cooking

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Sous Vide Equipment for Home Cooking

It’s a common misconception that the sous vide technique is something which can only be used in a professional kitchen but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Perhaps you’ve seen the technique being used on the likes of Masterchef or Great British Menu and fancy trying it out in your own kitchen at home?

Sous vide, which involves food being vacuum sealed in pouches and heated at a controlled temperature over a period of time, is a technique which delivers consistently great results and a whole host of other benefits, and is far simpler to use in your home kitchen than you may think. It’s the perfect way to cook meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit and the pouches contain the natural juices, moisture and flavours to keep food tender without overcooking.

In the home kitchen, we love sous vide as a way to not only cook up some delicious dishes but also for batch cooking; something which we’ve seen become increasingly popular in recent years.

Our range of equipment for home cooking includes a collection of sous vide devices, vacuum sealers, vacuum bags, thermometers, recipe books and more, both from a range of manufacturers such as PolyScience® and SousVide Supreme™ as well as our own products. We recommend that you also take the time to check out our training courses which we offer in Lancaster and London.