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Japanese BBQ’s

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  1. The Kasai Skewer Edition
    The Kasai Skewer Edition
    As low as £398.00 £331.67

    Kasai Grill + Skewer Rack From £398

  2. The Kasai Searing Edition
    The Kasai Searing Edition
    As low as £408.00 £340.00

    XL Kasai Grill + Searing Grate From £408

  3. The Kasai Robata Edition
    The Kasai Robata Edition
    As low as £498.00 £415.00

    Kasai Grill + Robata From £498

  4. The Kasai Heat Mat Edition
    The Kasai Heat Mat Edition
    As low as £378.00 £315.00

    Kasai Grill + Heat Mat From £378

  5. The Kasai Solid Plancha Edition
    The Kasai Solid Plancha Edition
    As low as £418.00 £348.33

    Kasai Grill + Solid Plancha From £418

  6. The Kasai 50/50 Plancha Edition
    The Kasai 50/50 Plancha Edition
    As low as £438.00 £365.00

    Kasai Grill + 50/50 Plancha From £438

  7. Kasai Konro Skewer Rack & Skewers
    Kasai Konro Skewer Rack & Skewers
    As low as £59.00 £49.17

    Skewer Rack for Japanese Konro/Hibachi Grill From £59.00

  8. Kasai Konro Searing Grate
    Kasai Konro Searing Grate
    As low as £69.00 £57.50

    Sear your steaks to perfection with the Kasai Konro Searing Grate From £69.00

  9. Kasai Konro Robata Rack
    Kasai Konro Robata Rack
    As low as £159.00 £132.50

    A game changer for the charcoal connoisseur From £159.00

  10. Kasai Konro Heat Mat
    Kasai Konro Heat Mat
    As low as £39.00 £32.50

    Heat Mat for Japanese Konro/Hibachi Grill for 2 people from £39.00

  11. Kasai Konro Replacement Tiles
    Kasai Konro Replacement Tiles
    As low as £49.00 £40.83

    Easy to swap replacement tiles for the Nano Kasai Grill From £49.00

  12. Kasai Konro Carry Case
    Kasai Konro Carry Case
    As low as £69.00 £57.50

    Grill on the go with the Kasai Grill Carry Case From £69.00

  13. Kasai Konro Plancha Solid
    Kasai Konro Plancha Solid
    As low as £79.00 £65.83

    Kasai Solid Plancha From £79.00

  14. Kasai Konro Plancha 50.50
    Kasai Konro Plancha 50.50
    As low as £99.00 £82.50

    Kasai Konro Grill Plancha 50.50 From £99.00

  15. Kasai Konro Grill Spare Mesh
    Kasai Konro Grill Spare Mesh
    As low as £30.00 £25.00

    Kasai Konro Grill Spare Mesh From £30.00

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Japanese BBQ’s

When it comes to grilling meats, fish or vegetables; we strongly encourage you to invest in a Konro; We are delighted to have our British designed and Made Kasai Konro Grill. The Kasai Konro Grill was designed to be a perfect paring of East meets West, taking the style of the traditional Japanese Konro and creating it with a British twist. The Kasai grill is built with sustainability in mind and our grill panels are fully compostable and replaceable, the hard wearing stainless steel frame is dishwasher safe so will come up like new. We’ve also worked with Michelin Starred Chef Tommy Banks to create a range of accessories for the Kasai Konro BBQ to really take things to the next level, skewers for the perfect yakitori, a robata rack for cooking at different levels and temperatures, a carry case for when you want to take your Kasai Grill on tour and with plans for much more to come, it’s a great time to join the #mykasai family.

Of course if we can’t tempt you with our home grown Kasai Konro grill we also stock a full range of the Japanese Imported Konro Grill as well.

Our preferred charcoal for the Japanese grills is Binchotan charcoal. It has long burning properties and an ability to seal in natural flavours without imparting other aromas which makes it the perfect choice and our range of Konro grills are made using a special insulating material which reflects heat directly back into the grill, resulting in consistent temperatures during grilling.

We offer our Kasai grill in a range of size; nano (2-3 people), little (2-4 people), Medium Wide (4-8 people), Long (8-12 people).

Our range of Konro grill Japanese BBQs are available in three different sizes; small (2 - 4 people), medium (4 - 8 people) and large (8 - 12 people) and we offer Binchotan charcoal in 10kg boxes.