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Sous vide training courses at our state of the art training facility

Sous Vide Training & Support

The use of sous vide cooking is a favourite in the professional and home kitchen, but there is a scarce supply of information available on the technique, let alone training. At sousvidetools.com we decided to do something about this and have built our own state of the art cookery school in Lancaster. (SousVideTools.com, Central Barn, Hornby Road, Lancaster, LA2 9JX).



An introduction in to Sous Vide and the health & safety of this style of cooking


Our Head Chef will prepare a number of dishes to show you the variety of Sous Vide cooking


The proof is in the tasting. A Sous Vide cooked lunch will be provided

Q&A Session

There will be lots of questions asked throughout the day and hopefully we can answer them all


We will provide a handbook which recaps what has been taught on the day and some recipes to get you going

Run by our Development Chef Bruno Birkbeck

From our state of the art training facility we are offering courses run by Bruno Birkbeck former Head Cookery Tutor of the prestigious Northcote Cookery School.

Bruno will be offering sous vide training courses, where you can come, learn and understand more about this important cooking technique. But the training day is only the start, we are delighted to be able to provide bespoke training and support on the rest of your sous vide journey. Making the grey areas about sous vide a little more transparent we can also help with the development side of your menus, the training of staff and food safety (HACCP) requirements.

The Training

During the training you will learn the origin and evolution of sous-vide; the why-and-how it made its way into the kitchens of the world's top Chefs. You will learn the reason for which there is a right temperature to cook each different product and how to put it into practice using your own recipes. You will learn to master the times and temperatures to control the colour, tenderness and flavour of your product. Part of the training is devoted to learning about the right equipment: How to select, utilise and maintain it. There is no single way to cook sous-vide and because scientists love experimenting as much as Chefs, most of the time is dedicated to hands-on training. Under the direction of our development chef Bruno Birkbeck, you can experiment and taste to discover the many possibilities sous-vide has to offer. Over the full day course you will see these techniques as they are applied to meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, sauces, herbs and aromatics. Lastly, the focuses will be on microbiology, bacteria, good food safety and shelf-life in order to achieve the best quality and the safest products. The class is mix of lecture and hands on activities which leads to a very informative and fulfilling experience.

Areas Covered

  • Relationship between cooking time and precise temperature
    Origin and background of sous-vide
  • Controlling the colour, tenderness and flavour of your food
    How to choose, calibrate and maintain the right equipment for your kitchen
  • Hands-on sous-vide training and experimentation
    Creating your own sous-vide recipes
  • Sous-vide techniques for meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit, sauces, herbs and aromatics
  • Microbiology, bacteria, food safety and shelf life for safe and high-quality products

Working with Campden BRI

As the UK’s foremost supplier of sous vide and vacuum packing equipment we have teamed up with Campden BRI, the UK’s leading provider of practical scientific, technical and advisory services, to validate our sous vide training content and produce our own, unique, sous vide training guide. We felt it was appropriate that we should only offer our customers the best guidance on the correct use of sous vide cooking equipment. Campden BRI is the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) Master Vendor for the provision of specialist training courses and has done all the FSA’s research around sous vide guidance, so who better for Sous Vide Tools to partner with?

Please Note: Our training days take place at our state of the art training facility in Lancaster (SousVideTools.com, Central Barn, Hornby Road, Lancaster, LA2 9JX)