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Looft was founded in 2004 with a single mission: build the firelighter that you could rely on. One that was safe, effective and clean – one that would make lighter fluid a distant smelly memory. Today, Looft still provide the perfect tools for doing what has been, and still is, so essential for humans – gathering around fire to relax and cook food.

The Looft Lighter is sold in over 30 countries, and due to the superheated airflow, it’s the most efficient, quickest, safest, and cleanest way to light charcoal and wood. 15 years down the line, it has top reviews, press coverage, and an ever-expanding base of loyal Loofters. Because fire makes the best food seasoning. Not lighter fluid.

The Konro Grill Range

The Grills

Compact, Simple & Versatile

The Konro grills from Japan are the best thing to use when grilling meats, fish or vegetables. Recommended to use with Binchotan charcoal due to its long burning properties and its ability to seal in natural flavours without imparting any other aromas.

The Konro grills are made with a special insulating material that helps reflect heat back into the grill thus making the temperatures more consistent. A simple design with black metal corners and an air vent to control temperature.

This is a compact and simple charcoal grill that is made with diatomaceous earth, which is a natural material that optimises heat retention. Stacked piles of diatomite bricks move along a conveyor belt on their slow journey through the factory's long kiln. Afterwards, a workman hits each fired piece with a hammer to judge by its sound whether there are any cracks within. Whereas some makers join bricks with mortar to form their cooking grills, at Kaginushi the workmen use carpentry skills to fit each unit together meticulously by hand, for a stronger, tighter, more fire- resistant product. Because diatomite grills have superior heat-insulation properties, charcoal used in them starts easily and burns longer than in conventional cookers.

What the Professionals say

Japanese Konro Grill

The only way to cook my lobster tail on Great British Menu was to use the Japanese Konro Grill from Sousvide Tools. Achieving that gentle, smokey flavour which so many other bbq’s fail to get right.

Luke Selby I Hide Above