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Here at SousVideTools.com we know that having your vacuum packing machine operational is business critical. We provide a vacuum packaging maintenance and repair service throughout the UK and can repair and service all makes of vacuum packaging machines. We have trained engineers who can provide a quick response to customers who need emergency repairs and routine servicing of vacuum packaging machines.

Machines We Service

Foodtek, Lavezzini, Vac-Star, Henkelman, Sirman, Multivac, Polyscience, and more.

Only £270.83 + VAT (UK)

So What Is A Routine Service?

A routine service generally involves the following:

  • Pump oil change
  • Replacement of seal bar heating wire and cutting wire (where fitted)
  • Replacement of sealing bar Teflon tape
  • Replacement of exhaust filters at approximately annual intervals -(less frequently for low usage machines)
  • Oil filter change – (where required)
  • Replacement of Lid Seal
  • Calibration of Machine and Pressure test
  • Deep Clean of the unit
  • There are small variations for different makes or sizes of machine

We also offer service contracts: with visits to suit your business demand either 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annually.

Our Service and terms...According with standard practices we charge call-out and travel plus labour per hour with same day or 24 hour response whenever possible. We do not normally charge a call-out for pre-planned servicing at a reasonable distance from our factory. Any non-scheduled repair call would involve a call out charge. Labour is always charged.