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The sous vide cooking method, in its nature (after all, sous vide, when translated from French, means ‘under vacuum’) calls for the removal of air from pouches of food and to securely sealing them. The two-step vacuum sealing process helps heat food more efficient by providing it with a better connection to water baths set at precisely controlled temperatures and the removal of air also creates great storage environments by minimising oxidation to save flavour, colour and aroma without the need for added preservatives. In commercial kitchens, vacuum sealing for sous vide cooking is typically accomplished using a chamber vacuum sealer, a device which create low pressure environments in and around food pouches throughout the processes. A key benefit of a chamber sealer, in comparison to an external vacuum sealer (where low pressure zones are created only at the pouch opening), is the prevention of liquids being pulled from pouches during sealing. Our range of high quality vacuum packing equipment, from both our own SousVideTools® and PolyScience ranger, covers all business levels; from the entry level chamber vacuum sealers that has a maintenance free design to all singing all dancing machines that include features such as self-cleaning Busch vacuum pumps. We’re also proud to offer servicing and support across all equipment.