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Sous vide training courses in the comfort of your own home

Bringing the Classroom to you at home

Let our Chef Director Chris Holland bring his sous vide knowledge into your home. Our selection of innovative masterclasses will show you how easy using the sous vide technique is and have you cooking like a professional.

With over two decades of experience using the technique our Chef Director Chris Holland is delighted to pass on his trade secrets and show you how to utilise some of the techniques from professional kitchens to make your home cooking easier and more consistent.

What will you learn?

Our masterclasses will take a core ingredient and show you how the sous vide technique can bring out the best in it. Each class will have a recipe featuring that core ingredient alongside a narrative about the core ingredient so you can be confident to not only replicate our recipe but to make it your own. Letting you in on the science behind sous vide in a practical and approachable way means you will have the tools you need to know what will and won’t work and how cooking sous vide can become as natural to you as turning on the hob.

What to expect?

We have taken the best bits from our sous vide training days and broken these down into a number of shorter master classes. Expect some delicious recipes delivered in a relaxed but knowledgeable way, alongside the inside secrets on how you can use restaurant techniques in your own kitchen. We will have classes on low and slow cooked smoked brisket, 72-hour belly of pork, the perfect roast beef, tandoori squash with chickpeas, poached salmon and butter roasted English asparagus to name just a few.

Who are the classes aimed at?

Our classes are for anyone on a sous vide journey from early sous vide adopters to the more accomplished chef. The recipes are simple, easy to follow but most of all delicious.

What is the class format?

All classes are interactive, they have been pre-recorded and will be available to watch at a scheduled time alongside a live chat facility with our Chef Director Chris Holland followed by a Q&A session at the end of the class. After watching the scheduled class you will have access to the video to watch at your leisure. Alongside the video will be the class content featuring the recipe from the video, a shopping list and some tips from Chris.

When does the masterclass start?

We have a number of scheduled time classes, but once you have made your purchase you can watch the video at any time.

Can I download the videos?

Once you have made your booking the video is available to download for your convenience to watch anytime, we do obviously hope you can join us for one of the interactive scheduled classes first as we feel having Chris on hand to message during the class and a questions and answer session at the end really means you can get the most out of them and puts our classes apart.