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Sous Vide Kits

Maybe you've seen chefs on The Great British Menu cooking with the sous vide technique and are raring to give it a go? Or perhaps you've been introduced to it by a friend?

Whatever the reason you're looking to get started cooking with this fantastic technique, we think you'll love creating delicious dishes with it.

If you're looking to buy the equipment that you'll need, you've probably already learned that you'll need a sous vide circulator, a container, a vacuum sealer and vacuum sealer bags.

Whilst you could go and buy everything that you'll need separately, we're confident that our range of sous vide starter kits offers a range of options for both home and professional chefs and we welcome any questions that you have or for you to reach out if you need any assistance in making the right purchase so that you can get started cooking up a treat in no time at all.