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Get ready for service with a brand new SousVideTools vacuum packing machine.

Choose the Fresco 300, Fresco 400, iCucina 315 or iCucina 405 to get £200 cash back

Get £200 cash back for your old vacuum packing machine

With trade in we’ll give you £200 for your old vacuum packing machine when you replace it with one of our SousVideTools models, this includes the Fresco 300, Fresco 400, iCucina 315 and iCucina 405.

We’ll pick up your old machine for free, saving you the hassle of taking it to the recycling centre and where possible, we will refurbish it and donate it to our chosen charity.

Here's how it works


Choose from our selected range of vacuum packing machines.
View the range here.


Simply select the trade in option on the dropdown on the product page and add to your basket and continue to checkout as normal


We’ll contact you to arrange collection of your old appliance and delivery of your new one. Just make sure it’s empty, unplugged and in a suitable place for collection*.


We’ll put the money into your bank account within 40 days of delivery.


Can I trade in a thermal circulator for a vacuum packing machine?

The product you’re trading in must be the same a vacuum packing machine

Will you unplug and empty the vacuum packing machines for me?

Your old vacuum packing machine must be unplugged and placed in a suitable place for collection*. It must also be empty i.e. free of any food or bags.

My old item is faulty, can I still trade it in?

Yes! The product you’re trading in does not need to be in working order.

What happens if I haven’t got anything to trade-in?

If you select trade-in but don’t have anything to trade-in upon delivery, you will not receive your money back.

How and when will I get my money back?

The trade-in amount will be transferred to the bank account from which you paid for your order. Your money should be with you within 40 days delivery.

Can I have my old product back if I get a refund?

If you return your new product at any point, you will not get the product you traded-in back.

What will you do with my old machine?

Where possible, we will refurbish your vacuum packing machine and donate it to our chosen charity.

Terms & conditions

All promotional products are subject to availability while stocks last.

SousVideTools.com reserves the right to void, amend, and/or change the products in this promotion at any time. The trade in option cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or sale.

To participate in the SousVideTools Vacuum Packer Trade please see our terms and conditions please:

1. Consumers must purchase a SousVideTools Fresco 300, Fresco 400, Fresco 400 FS or a SousVideTools iCucina 320 or 405 between 01/03/2020 and 31/12/2023 (inclusive).

2. Consumers have 30 working days to return their trade in machine to SousVideTools at the provided address.

3. Consumers need to provide a scan version (or clear picture) of the machine they wish to trade in.

4. A refund of £166.67 + VAT will only be provided once our service provider receives and checks your returned machine.

5. The vacuum packer must be returned clean and emptied of all food.

6. A refund is only valid if, the vacuum packer or sealer is returned clean and emptied of all food.

7. The refund amount will only be for £166.67 + VAT

8. Allow 30 days to receive the refund on your bank account provided.