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Compostable Vacuum Pouches & Rolls

Compostable Vacuum Pouches & Rolls

Introducing our home Compostable food-safe vacuum pouches and rolls, specifically designed to withstand the temperatures of sous vide cooking, but can also be used for storing any kind of foods. These vacuum pouches can withstand temperatures up to 85°C over 12 hours, whereas other pouches would swell & delaminate. Sustainapouch Compostable Vacuum Pouches and Rolls are a versatile, durable and sealable eco-friendly alternative for conventional packaging, and are well suited to pack food items like fresh produce, chilled food, meat, and chicken.

Why use Compostable Vacuum Pouches & Rolls?

An alternative to standard plastic vacuum pouch packaging which has kept food fresh for longer for over 70 years.

Just as strong as plastic but is 100% compostable leaving nothing behind but organic waste.

13 million metric tonnes of plastic waste goes into the ocean every year, causing £10 billion of economic damage to global marine eco systems every year.

Of the 9 billion tons of plastic produced since 1950 only 9% has been recycled.

Sustainapouch is a new solution to keep food fresh while avoiding harming the environment.

Ideal for Sous Vide Cooking

The pouches and rolls are made from a certified home compostable flexible film with excellent sealing strength and high transparency. Made from rice, potatoes, corn and a fossil fuel copolymer (30-80μm). Made to the highest quality, and their strength means that as well as being ideal for sous vide cooking, they can also be steam cooked, microwaved or boiled in a pan. They are transparent, allowing for easy identification of the product.

How the Compostable Pouches & Rolls Work


Use the Compostable Vacuum Pouch or Roll to store and cook your food


One used, remove any non compostable items from the vacuum pouch


Place the vacuum pouch in your home compost and let the magic begin


The compostable vacuum pouch can take up to 6 months to disintegrate


When the compost is ready, you can use it in your garden or vegetable patch

Globally Certified

Globally recognised certifications to giving you full confidence in the sustainability credentials of each pouch.

OK Compost Industrial

European certification for industrially compostable packaging

OK Home Compost

European certification for home compostable packaging

ABA Home Compost

Australasian certification for home compostable packaging


Australasian certification for industrially compostable packaging


US certification for industrially compostable packaging


Global certification for sustainably forestry and recycling practice