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Arlo’s Restaurant Testimonial

“My main menu centres around sous vide, and I designed my concept specifically with sous vide in mind as our primary cooking medium. I was already knowledgeable about the process and science behind sous vide from a home/testing perspective. I was then looking to scale up to restaurant volumes and to finesse the recipes, timings and temperatures so I contacted Sous Vide Tools via the website, met up with the team, liked what I saw and jumped straight into consultancy with the company. It was clear to me that Sous Vide Tools was professional and interested in becoming involved with the development of new projects at a base level. ” – Tom McNeile, Owner of Arlos Restaurant, Balham

Holiday Inn Testimonial

“Chris, Alex and the Sous Vide Tools team really took the time to understand our business and what we wanted to do and I think that this, along with the undoubted benefits of sous vide cooking, is what has helped us to make a success of it.” – Head Chef, Holiday Inn Telford


Sprint Events Testimonial

“We have become a lot more adventurous and less fearful of taking on complicated recipes from some of our peers. The main advantages of sous vide are the consistency and the presentation, along with the obvious benefit of a decrease in shrinkage which creates better yield.” – Carlos Maidana, Spring Events

Ashling Hotel Testimonial

“Don’t be afraid to try sous vide cooking, you will be amazed at what you can achieve, both with cheaper and premium cuts. Sous vide is now a key part of our operation and will be staying on the menu at the Chesterfield for the foreseeable future.” – Head Chef Gary Costello, Chesterfield Restaurant at the Ashling Hotel, Dublin

Graham Howarth Testimonial

“We use sous vide for everything, meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. I love the benefits of many sous vide items, but pork ribs are great. The biggest benefit though, has to be the fact that we can hold expensive cuts of meats through long delays without fear of spoilage.” – Head Chef Graham Howarth, Chequers Estate, Buckinghamshire

Towcester Racecourse Testimonial

“We are using sous vide to prepare a range of dishes. The concept allows us to use basic cuts of meat to produce some great dishes while taking care of portion control, reducing waste and extending shelf-life. None of this would have been possible without the food knowledge and back up that has come from working with Sous Vide Tools, so it has proved to be a win-win situation all round.” – Helen Deakin, Racecourse General Manager, Towcester Racecourse, Northamptonshire

The Grand Hotel Testimonial

“Sous vide has allowed us to introduce items which previously would have required more time consuming and labour intensive cooking methods, but without the hassle,” he adds. “Items can be prepped well in advance, ready to be regenerated to order for service.” – The Grand Hotel, Lytham St Annes

Kenny Atkinson Testimonial

“I’ve always had a great relationship with Sous Vide Tools. I’ve worked with them for 3 or 4 years now. These guys are the specialists and know what works for different kitchens; they make fair and expert decisions so no need for a middleman. When I tell them what my service needs they make sound decisions taking into account the kitchen I work in and space I have.” – Kenny Atkinson

Graham Howarth Testimonial

“I have recently increased our range of sous vide equipment and as always, the service from the team at sous vide tools is second to none, with delivery always next day” – Graham Howarth

Adam Stokes Testimonial

“… have been highly professional and are always on hand if any advice is needed. I would throughly recommend this company and their equipment…” – Adam Stokes

Aiden Byrne Testimonial

“…like the Polyscience Immersion Circulator, which enables us to cook with accuracy and precision never seen before” – Aiden Byrne

Chris Holland Testimonial

“…all in all I would recommend the equipment to any aspiring amateur cook or professional chef…” – Chris Holland

Ben Spalding Testimonial

“…I have used the water bath for periods of up to 72 hours of continuous cooking and the results are always perfectly the same…” – Ben Spalding

Adam Simmonds Testimonial

“Sous Vide Tool’s service is very good, they are really knowledgeable, and they are honest and upfront. If there is a problem it is put right and that is exactly what you need in a busy industry – in terms of return it really is good value for money. ” – Adam Simmonds

Will Brown Testimonial

“I work with Sous Vide Tools because they are informative, knowledgeable and helpful. They always have the latest equipment on offer and are very much the leaders in the industry when it comes to sous vide and kitchen gastronomy equipment.” – Will Brown

Mark Birchall Testimonial

“SousVideTools equipment allows us to provide a consistent quality product” – Mark Birchall


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