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Pack professionally from top to bottom

Multivac is a leading manufacturer worldwide of integrated packaging solutions. In addition to manufacturing packaging machines, there focus is also on solutions for processing and slicing, labelling and marking, as well as quality inspection and product handling.

Their market position is built on innovative, cutting-edge technology, and a comprehensive product portfolio, as well as our many years of expertise and experience.

The Multivac Range

Vacuum Packing

C Series
Vacuum Packing

Free Standing
Vacuum Packing

Baseline Vacuum Chamber Machines from Multivac

Successful and high quality vacuum packaging is simple with Baseline chamber machines, because every Baseline machine is a genuine Multivac. This means that a long lifespan, a high level of reliability and the best service are guaranteed.

Even inexperienced personnel are able to pack reliably and efficiently with a Baseline machine. Baseline chamber machines are therefore the ideal vacuum packaging solution for butchers´shops, restaurants, hotels, chees dairies, direct marketing companies and farm shops. They can also be used for packing a wide range of consumer and industrial goods.

C Series Vacuum Chamber Machines from Multivac

Our compact and versatile tabletop chamber machines are the ideal solution for packing smaller products with maximum flexibility in a wide range of sectors. The proven technology ensures a high level of seal seam quality and maximum pack security are achieved. All the models can be operated reliably even by untrained personnel, and they are also very easy to clean.

All the machines are very impressive in their performance capability, durability, and cost-effectiveness. They are characterised by their high level of flexibility in the products that can be packed, as well as their versatile use in a wide range of sectors. They can also be integrated seamlessly into new or existing production environments.