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To enter the world of sous vide cooking you need a device that will hold water at a very precise temperature for a set amount of time. Once upon a time the way to do this was in a sous vide water bath, this tub like device was a fixed size and once filled and set happily sits on the side cooking your food to perfection. But what happens when you have something too big or too small for the bath? Or where space is limited and you want to put it away easily, or in more recent years you want a hand from a smart sous vide device? Enter the thermal circulator, the results are the same but this device has serious flexibility and in the case of our ivide range smart technology on his side. We started our business many years ago with the best sous vide water baths on the market and certainly for professionals we can see why they sometimes will still want a water bath but for us and particularly for the home market we think the thermal circulator has the edge.


Cozy meal in for two? The whole family getting together for a barbeque? Batch cooking for the week? The thermal circulator really comes into its own when flexibility is key, simply connect the device onto a container that suits the device and the amount your cooking and you are away. Finished cooking the device is small enough to fit into a cupboard or drawer. If it’s one of our ivide thermal circulars you also have the benefit of setting the perfect time and temperature via our app.


  • Flexible capacity; just fit onto the right sized pot or container
  • Compact enough to fit in a cupboard or drawer when not in use
  • Stirred water technology to keep perfect temperature
  • Smart cooking via our interactive app
  • Perfect consistent results every time
  • For the chef on the move its easy to use across multiple sites
    Great price point


Our very own range of smart cookers with something for both our home and professional chefs. Designed with you at its very heart our iVide range has evolved from hundreds of conversations, comments, emails and feedback from you our Sous Vide Tools community along with an sprinkling of our own expertise to be something we are very proud of. The joy, consistency, precision and perfection of sous vide cooking is something we think everyone should be able to share and our iVide range means both first timers and seasoned pros can use the sous vide technique within their kitchens.

iVide WIFI Cooker by SousVideTools

Our iVide Cooker is the worlds smartest Sous Vide Tool to date. Thanks to our smart interactive APP you will never have under or overcooked food again. Our iVide Cooker is also the world's first IPx7 water resistant device, meaning that if your accidentally drop it in water it will do no damge to you or the device.


SousVideTools® iVide Plus Thermal Circulator

The SousVideTools iVide Plud Thermal Circulator with a high resoluton wide 5inch Touch Screen interface. It is WIFI enabled meaning you can control it remotely from anywhere via our APP, it's also designed to ensure food safety. With an 80 litre capacity it guarantees a temperature stability of 0.007℃ between 40℃ to 100℃


Our professional range of water baths are ideal for the busy kitchen. As professional kitchens already know the number of covers and dishes they are working towards the flexibility the thermal circulator brings on capacity isn’t as big a consideration and a water bath can be a preferred option.

  • Variety of sizes
  • Both stirred and static styles available
  • Easy to set and leave to work
  • Stainless Steel finish