SousVide Supreme™ Bags

Our range of SousVide Supreme™ vacuum sealer bags have been specially designed to withstand the temperatures involved with sous vide cooking, but can also be used for storing any kind of food or dry goods. We’re also proud to offer, as part of our range, SousVide Supreme™ zip pouches which are ideal for sous vide cooking liquids or liquid-rich foods including marinades, sauces, stews, soups, custards, risotto, infused alcohol and more!

All SousVide Supreme™ zip pouches have been certified as food-safe and stable at cooking temperatures, are specially designed to simplify the process of sealing dishes containing more than a tablespoon of liquid. With a few simple steps, air can be evacuated without the aid of a vacuum sealer, making it easier to submerge pouches containing food and liquid.

SousVide Supreme™ zip bags come in two different size options (small and large), as do the range of SousVide Supreme™ bags, with sealer rolls available in 28cm x 5m.

We also offer a range of our own SousVideTools zipper vacuum seal bags, embossed vacuum bags and boilable vacuum pouches.

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