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16 Of The Best Blogs For Sous Vide Tips & Recipes

With sous vide continuing to gain popularity, it’s no surprise that there are more and more fantastic blogs and resources popping up all over the internet that are dedicated to it. There are plenty of sous vide blogs out there that are full of handy tips and tasty recipes, and we’ve looked at 16 of the best to help you build out your bookmarked list of resources in 2017.


SousVide Supreme

From delicious desserts to tasty treats, SousVide Supreme brings you the ultimate sous vide recipes collection. These guys don’t shy away from experimentation, so if you’re looking to find out how versatile your sous vide machine is, you’ll be in the right place with SousVide Supreme.

You can also expect to find interviews with top chefs, as well as tips and tricks for the more technical side of sous vide cooking.




Anova’s resource is a detailed and topical blog which is suitable for both home foodies and pro chefs. The blog covers everything from how to recreate the Starbucks egg bites to 8 weird ways to use your precision cooker, and is full of mouth-watering images to spark your imagination.

Written with flair, not only is this blog informative, but it’s an entertaining read that’s bound to capture your attention.



Fusion Chef

Fusion Chef is packed full of innovative ideas and recipes and shows you how your sous vide machine can turn its hand to almost anything – there’s even a post on how to brew beer with it.

Fusion Chef also promotes a series titled ‘Under An Hour Sous Vide’, which brings you recipes for delicious meals that take next to no time at all to cook.



Stefan’s Gourmet Blog

Stefan’s Gourmet Blog has a whole section dedicated to sous vide, and it’s a great place to find advice on cooking times for anything from pigeon breast to artichokes.

A great aspect of this blog is that it has a focus on the technical side of things, offering you tips so that you can make the most of your sous vide journey.



Sous Vide Blog

Sous Vide Blog is great if you’re after tricks on how to make sous vide cooking as easy as possible. The blog covers important topics such as preventing evaporation for extended sous vide cooking and reviews on the latest equipment.

Sous Vide Blog’s recipes have a focus on cooking meats, so if you want to know how to create the perfect sous vide pork belly, or a delicious sous vide lamb fillet, you’ll be in safe hands!



Sous Vide Guy

Sous Vide Guy offers a fantastic collection of recipes, tips and insights into sous vide cooking and covers everything from the basics right through to reviews and opinion pieces on the latest gadgets.

You’ll also find a number of spotlight features on some of the industry’s leading figures which always make for a great read!



That Other Cooking Blog

Paul, the writer of That Other Cooking Blog, has a personable writing style and is creative when it comes to sous vide cooking.

If you’re looking for new recipes, this is the blog for you, with inventive creations such as the sous vide sword fish tacos and the sous vide chicken marsala.



Cuisine Solutions

Cuisine Solutions claims to be the master of sous vide cooking and, on the blog, you’ll find both classic and creative recipes that cater for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans.

A great aspect of this blog is that its recipes don’t shy away from the unconventional. Fancy making a sous vide egg nog latte? What about sous vide oil infusions? Cuisine Solutions has got you covered.



Sous Vide Life

The writers of Sous Vide Life are massive advocates of sous vide cooking, and claim that it has completely changed the way they eat.

On the blog, you’ll find original recipes with exotic twists, such as Japanese style sous vide poached eggs.



Chef Steps

Have you been struggling to make the perfect sous vide eggs? Well Chef Steps has the ideal solution for you: The Egg Calcultaor. All you have to do is select your desired consistency of egg, and the calculator will tell you everything you need to know to make it excellent.

Chef Steps also posts delicious recipes and advice on how to up the ante on your sous vide presentation.



Serious Eats

The sous vide section on the Serious Eats blog gives your everything from beginners guides to the more adventurous side of sous vide.

With a heavy focus on meats, this blog is most suitable for the carnivores among us, but you will also find some sous vide hacks, such as why you should add ping-pong balls to your sous vide bath and how to keep sous vide bags submerged.



Molecular Recipes

mrThe no-frills sous vide recipes on this blog are simple and easy to follow, making gourmet sous vide food achievable for everyone.

Molecular Recipes are sous vide connoisseurs and make even the most complex dishes easy, providing you with specific cooking times and temperatures, along with pictures of outstanding presentation to give you that extra little bit of inspiration.



Smart Vide

Smart Vide is a great blog to follow if you’re interested in sous vide tips due to its Ask Our Chef section, where you can ask Chef Enrique Fleischmann for his culinary advice.

On the blog, you’ll also find lots of recipes and video tutorials on sous vide cooking, along with a detailed FAQ section, so you’ll definitely leave Smart Vide more clued-up than when you came.



Sous Vide Chef

Sous Vide Chef is home to all things sous vide, including great deals on equipment, tips on sous vide cooking, and everything you need to know about the sous vide process.

With easy navigation and a clear layout, Sous Vide Chef answers all of the big questions, such as is sous vide cooking safe? And why is sous vide cooking so popular?



Dork Food

If you don’t know your baths from your vacuum packs when it comes to sous vide, Dork Food will tell you everything you need to know.

With informative posts which are full of tips and advice, any sous vide beginner can’t go wrong with this blog.



Sugar Creek

This blog is more geared towards professional chefs who use sous vide, and it provides you with plenty of tips and tricks on how to use sous vide cooking to enhance your restaurant.

With posts on everything from choosing the right quality sous vide machine, to how sous vide can improve customer satisfaction, if you’re a restaurant owner you should definitely follow this blog.



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