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The Most Hashtagged Cocktails On Instagram – #cocktailsofinstagram

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Sous Vide Christmas Drinks: 5 Simple Step By Step Recipes [Infographic]

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Sous Vide Christmas Dishes: 5 Simple Step By Step Recipes [Infographic]

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Sous Vide Cocktails – 5 Simple Step by Step Recipes [Infographic]

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New The National Chef of the Year and Young National Chef of the Year announced

After a gruelling two-hour cook-off in front of a packed audience at The Restaurant Show,... Read More >>

Sous Vide ‘Cold’ Brew Coffee – A Step by Step Guide [Infographic]

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Sous Vide Sauces – 5 Simple Step by Step Recipes [Infographic]

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7 Sous Vide Hacks Every Foodie Needs to Know About [Infographic]

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How To Use Brines & Marinades For Sous Vide

While sous vide is great for getting the perfect cooking time and texture, and... Read More >>

A Complete Guide To The History & Origins Of Sous Vide

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How To Get Started With Sous Vide Cooking: A Beginner’s Guide

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10 Healthy Sous Vide Snacks To Try At Home

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The Science: How Does Sous Vide Work?

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How To Pickle Using Sous Vide

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Five Simple Home Sous Vide Hacks Every Home Foodie Needs To Know

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Everything You Need To Know About Cooking The Perfect Steak [Infographic]

Steak is one of those foods which demands respect. Whether you’re having a low-key meal... Read More >>

How To Get Started With Sous Vide Cooking At Home On A Budget

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The Best Sous Vide Water Baths [2017 Edition]

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Sous Vide Batch Cooking: The Ultimate Guide

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How To Save Money On Your Meals with Sous Vide

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The Best Sous Vide Containers [2017 Edition]

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The Best Sous Vide Vacuum Sealers [2017 Edition]

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The Best Sous Vide Chamber Vacuum Sealers [2017 Edition]

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The Best Sous Vide Immersion Circulators [2017 Edition]

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The Best Sous Vide Machines [2017 Edition]

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Sous Vide Health & Safety: An In-Depth Guide For Home & Professional Chefs

As humans, we’re always a bit sceptical when trying something new, and even more so... Read More >>

How To Cook Sous Vide From Frozen

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The Health Benefits Of Sous Vide Cooking

There are many benefits of cooking sous vide, such as enhanced flavours, textures and... Read More >>

Recipe Round Up: 15 Of The Easiest Sous Vide Recipes For Beginners

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10 Reasons Why Every Home Foodie Needs A Sous Vide Machine In Their Kitchen

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Perfect Pairings: A Complete Guide To Matching Food & Beer

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Sous Vide vs. Traditional Cooking Methods

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Sous Vide Water Baths vs. Immersion Circulators: Which Should You Buy?

To start cooking sous vide at home, you need to invest in either one... Read More >>

The Best & Worst Foods To Cook Sous Vide

One of the great things about sous vide cooking is that you can use... Read More >>

The Cooking Oils You Should Be Using & When To Use Them [Infographic]

We’re all familiar with cooking with vegetable oil and olive oil, and we all know... Read More >>

What Do Sandwiches Look Like Around the World? [Infographic]

It’s a very simple concept, taking some fillings and putting them between two pieces of... Read More >>

Commercial Kitchen – The Catering Equipment Show 2017

We are looking forward to exhibiting at 2017's only dedicated trade show for catering equipment... Read More >>


Lancaster based culinary equipment supplier, Sous Vide Tools has been shortlisted as a finalist in... Read More >>

Perfect Pairings: A Complete Guide To Matching Food and Wine [Infographic]

Food and wine have the ability to bring out the best in each other. When... Read More >>

The National Chef of the Year 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Sous Vide Tools – Proud Sponsors of the National Chef of the Year Award 2017 We... Read More >>

Perfect Pairings: A Complete Guide To Matching Sides & Mains [Infographic]

It’s one thing to cook up the perfect main dish, but to really craft the... Read More >>


Rowley’s Catering has been providing consistently high quality outside catering and event management for over... Read More >>

Kickstarter Restaurant Supported by SousVide Tools Opens Its Doors

A new restaurant which recently hit its £100,000 Kickstarter target has opened its doors... Read More >>

16 Of The Best Blogs For Sous Vide Tips & Recipes

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Opening Its Doors: Moor Hall, Aughton

Opening its doors this month is Moor Hall and SousVide Tools... Read More >>

SousVide Tools Team Up With WastED London

SousVide Tools is happy to be supporting the ‘WastED’ event in London, taking place on the... Read More >>

The Ultimate Guide To Sous Vide Searing [Infographic]

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21 Unusual Uses For Peanut Butter You Never Knew About [Infographic]

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15 Superfoods You’ve Probably Never Heard Of [Infographic]

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Starbucks’ Customers Can’t Get Enough of New Sous Vide Egg Bites

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Have You Been Pronouncing These 20 Fantastic Foods Incorrectly? [Infographic]

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The Best Way To Cut 6 Popular Vegetables Like A Pro [Infographic]

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