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A Life of Geekery Blog Post

"In a professional kitchen where the sous-vide is almost constantly in use, it has revolutionised... Read More >>

Chez Maximka Blog Post

"The cod was cooked perfectly, it was flaking beautifully, and the earthy flavours of shiitake... Read More >>

It’s Not F***ing Rocket Science Blog Post

"That bone marrow pasta dish is such a thing of wonder that I’m going to... Read More >>

The Guardian Article

"Waterbath cookery has changed my cooking completely. My holy grail is consistency – that's the... Read More >>

The Telegragh Article

...on the polyscience smoking gun - "The “gun” is like a small hairdryer, with a... Read More >>

Metro Article

Polyscience smoking guns run off 4 AA batteries and you can buy different flavour smoking... Read More >>

Chez maximka blog 4

"Until recently I had only a very vague idea of what sous vide cooking system... Read More >>

Chez maximka blog

“If you read my blog regularly, you might know that I have been given a... Read More >>

Essentially Catering

Essentially Catering Pressure cooker feature ...

Chez maximka blog

"This is a revolutionary way of cooking, as all the nutrients and flavours in sealed... Read More >>

Pub & Bar

Pub & Bar (pressure cooker feature) ...

Daily Mail Weekend

On the smoking gun - "JOHN SAYS - this is great if you're a home... Read More >>