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The Hand Book

The Tool Shed @ W2 is the home of modernist cooking and specialises in the sous vide technique, and not only offers a retail environment to purchase their products, but also a training kitchen where customers can learn how to get the most out of their products (using sous vide cookers to food dehydrators, blow torches and kitchen knives, and advanced devices for charcoal cooking) ready for the apt amateur chefs willing to learn. Read more


Tool Shed @ W2 not only offers a retail environment to purchase their products, but also a training kitchen where customers can learn how to get the most out of their products (they stock everything from sous vide cookers to food dehydrators, blow torches and kitchen knives. – Read more

Flavour Magazine

Brand new Tool Shed @ W2, in Connaught Village, is the home of modernist cooking and specialises in the sous vide technique. – Read more

Lancashire Life – Sous-vide – is this the next must-have appliance for your kitchen?

‘People wanted to be able to create the dishes they had eaten in restaurants at home, at their own dinner parties. Sous-vide is a great way to do that.’ – read the full story here

Caterign Insight

Our new Sous Vide Tools water baths have had their debut in Catering Insight, we were delighted for our latest product to be featured in a round-up of all things sous vide.

The best foodie Christmas presents – Telegraph

“The ultimate toy for foodies, smoking guns let keen chefs channel their inner Heston Blumenthal by infusing foods like meats, fish, cheese and cocktails with delicious smoky flavours. Different chips give different flavours – anyone for a Manhattan with cigar smoke, or duck with cherry wood smoke?” – link

BBC Good Food Christmas Guide

“Sous vide cooking doesn’t have to involve large water baths. This thermal circulator clips to the side of a regular cooking pot, controlling the temperature of the water and allowing for a professional-standard finish. It’s around the size of a spaghetti jar, meaning it stores well, and accessories such as vacuum pouches are available from the site, too. ” – link

Sousvidetools.com products featured on Gadget Man

Richard Ayoade looks at the latest trends in cooking and dining out in season 3 episode 7 of Gadget Man and we were delighted to see our PolyScience Discovery Thermal Circulator, PolyScience Anti-Griddle and PolyScience Smoking Gun featured. – link.

FT How to spend it

“It certainly makes startlingly good food, and it’s great for anyone trying to lose weight and wanting every precious calorie they eat to be enjoyable and nutritious. Plus, there’s the potential for impressive home entertaining without seemingly breaking a sweat.” – link

House & Garden

“the technique favored by some top chefs for cooking…”

house and Garden - August

Restaurant Magazine

“Waterbaths can also help minimise shrinkage by keeping moisture inside the product.”

T3 – Chamber vacuum sealers such as this are modern culinary miracles

“Chamber vacuum sealers such as this are modern culinary miracles’

Caterer & Hotelkeeper

“Vacuum Packing saves money and time for chefs”


Pub & Bar

“Cooking meats in different ways and with different seasonings not only allows operators to use less expensive cuts of meat, but also enables them to create a varied menu without having a long and complicated shopping list of their own”.

Delicious Magazine

“The Polyscience Smoking Gun is battery-powered, handheld food smoker.  Cold smoke your meat, then pop it onto a barbie for a mouth-wateringly smoky finish”.


The Guardian – Alex Renton

“Sous-vide cooking isn’t silly and it is innovative – and now it is more realistically priced. Though something of a secret practice among professionals since it was invented nearly half a century ago, it has been called the most important technological advance in the kitchen since the microwave” – Alex renton – link

Tatler Online

“On the day of the barbie, do the water-bath thing in the kitchen before everyone arrives, then finish your meat off on your BBQ. Your mouth will literally not know what to do with the joy.” – link

The Lady

Featured in the “the lady loves” magazine.


Hotel Business

Chris Holland – “Sousvidetools.com’s range allows me to produce wonderfully consistent food”


Caterer & Hotelkeeper

Cooked to perfection


BBC Food Online

“Sous-vide food (which uses airtight plastic bags places in water to cook slowly) is one of the results of the obsession with finding the perfect temperature to cook the most tender dishes”

Olive Magazine

“Would you use it again?  Absolutely, it was surprisingly simple.  You can prep food well ahead and finish it in a pan or oven on the day.  It all sounds very impressive, but it is in fact simple to use, making it a great party trick to wow your guests with.”

Olive Magazine- June 2014

Great British Food (L’Enclume)

“All the beefiness had been locked into the meat and the peppery flavour had infiltrated every part of the steak”

Essentially Catering (Sous Vide Style) 

“Previously somewhat of a Marmite product among professional chefs, today the sous vide (meaning ‘under vacuum’) method of cooking is becoming increasingly popular throughout the industry with even former die-hard anti-lobbyists now falling under its fail-safe spell.”

IN!spector Gadget

“The Sous Vide DISCOVERY Thermal Circulator is a small, lightweight device perfect for the home kitchen.  It clips to the side of your own cooking pots and can be conveniently stored away after use.”


Crumbs Cotswolds (Kitchen Armoury Day)

“for the tenderest meat, you want to go ‘Sous vide’ – MATT BIELBY


Restaurant (Hotelympia)

We featured in the top 5 supplier stands that must be on your hit list to visit at this year’s show

Restaurant2- April 2014

T3 – Culinary Science

“…Polyscience will help you smoke and bathe your produce to increasingly moist, vaguely futuristic perfection”



Caterer & Hotelkeeper (Hotelympia)

Showcaseing the art of cooking sous vide at hotelympia


Living etc


Pub & Bar (Light Kitchen Equipment)

Light Kitchen Equipment Review

Pub and Bar p1- 17_03_2014 mr

Pub and Bar p2 - 17_03_2014 mr

Jason Atherton recently named the Smoking Gun as one of his top five gadgets.

Jason Atherton recently named the Smoking Gun as one of his top five gadgets. – link


BBQ Ribs – Crazy Kitchen

“They were amazing, with just the right amount of flavouring and meat that fell cleanly off the bones. I will definitely be making these again, and maybe next time I will try an oriental flavour” – Crazy Kitchen – link

BBQ Sous Vide Sausages – the crazy kitchen

“Before I had my Sous Vide I used to think that it was just a posh way of cooking meat and not something that would fit into a family kitchen. Over the past couple of weeks the Sous Vide has definitely proved its worth in this busy family kitchen and has become and ideal solution to cooking dinner whilst I’m out of the house” – the crazy kitchen (LINK)

Staff Canteen – Chris Holland Interview

Staff Canteen – Chris Holland Interview  – “The development role is something I really enjoy. It gives me great pleasure to pass on my knowledge and experience within such a forward thinking company like Sous Vide Tools” – LINK

A Life of Geekery Blog Post

“In a professional kitchen where the sous-vide is almost constantly in use, it has revolutionised the cooking of proteins. A good illustration would be in serving steaks. Cooking is efficient and accurate. The steak can be vacuum packed as soon as they come in from the butchers, reducing the chance of contamination in the fridge.” – link

Chez Maximka Blog Post

“The cod was cooked perfectly, it was flaking beautifully, and the earthy flavours of shiitake mushrooms complemented it really nicely. The blood orange zest added a citrus note to the overall dish. I love cod, and this way of cooking it elevated this well known and much loved fish into a perfect dish.” – link

It’s Not F***ing Rocket Science Blog Post

“That bone marrow pasta dish is such a thing of wonder that I’m going to do a separate recipe post for it, it’s a heavenly, silky, meaty, carby delight.” – link

The Guardian Article

“Waterbath cookery has changed my cooking completely. My holy grail is consistency – that’s the biggest key in my life – and waterbath cookery is the only kitchen technology that’s completely disciplined. Nothing can go wrong; you’d have to be an absolute clown to mess up cooking a piece of meat in a water bath.”

The Telegragh Article

…on the polyscience smoking gun – “The “gun” is like a small hairdryer, with a recess at the top where you put a pinch of woodchips and light them with a match.  Leave it in the smoky environment of the box or pan for just two minutes and it will take on an amazing smokehouse flavour. It’s that simple.”

Metro Article

Polyscience smoking guns run off 4 AA batteries and you can buy different flavour smoking chips to flavour your food and drinks – easily my favourite bit of kitchen kit of 2013

Chez maximka blog 4

“Until recently I had only a very vague idea of what sous vide cooking system is supposed to be. When asked if I might be interested in testing and reviewing these gadgets, I got thrilled with an idea of experimenting with new gadgets and style of cooking. Together with my equipment I received a brilliant cook book, Sous Vide The Art of Precision Cooking which got my creativity flowing”

Chez maximka blog

“If you read my blog regularly, you might know that I have been given a set of sous vide cooking gadgets on loan for a month for testing and reviewing. I have been enjoying playing with my new toys, and had a few very successful dinners to report.”

Essentially Catering

Essentially Catering Pressure cooker feature


Chez maximka blog

“This is a revolutionary way of cooking, as all the nutrients and flavours in sealed pouches cannot escape, in comparison to the other cooking methods. It needs less fat and oil, so the meals are healthier. The texture of the finished meals is also different, it is soft, tender and melt-in-the-mouth when you get it right”

Pub & Bar

Pub & Bar (pressure cooker feature)


Daily Mail Weekend

On the smoking gun – “JOHN SAYS – this is great if you’re a home chef who likes to give food the wow factor. The polyscience smoking gun from Sous Vide is hand-held, so you can impress guests at the table and quickly smoke butter, cheese, rice and fish”

Daily Mail Weekend - 15.2.14


The expert guide to gadgets – in pictures – The Observer

The expert guide to gadgets – in pictures

What does Chris Packham take into the wild? Which gadgets and products does Sarah Storey recommend to cyclists? And what’s in Rankin’s camera bag? From cooking to star-gazing, experts reveal technology that gives them an edge in their jobs – link

Metro Article

“One of the biggest sells of the sous vide is that it can turn very cheap, tough cuts of meat into intensely flavoured, meltingly tender morsels, yet still cooked pink”