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How to use the Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers come in two main types: bar sealers and chamber sealers. Bar sealers use a... Read More >>

How to Sous Vide Watermelon

Compressed watermelon has become increasingly popular with chefs in recent years. More translucent than fresh... Read More >>

How to Poach Pears Sous Vide

Looking for a dessert that looks impressive while being easy to prepare? Poached pears are... Read More >>

How to Pickle Mackerel Sous Vide

Mackerel is well-suited to pickling because it has a strong flavour and, as a result,... Read More >>

How to Make Ice Cream Sous Vide

Making your own ice cream offers a fantastic opportunity to get creative with flavours but... Read More >>

How to Make Dulce De Leche Sous Vide

The type of sweetened milk known as dulce de leche has its origins in South... Read More >>

How to Make Damson Vodka Sous Vide

Making damson vodka is a great way to use up a seasonal glut of fruit.... Read More >>

How to Make Apple Purée Sous Vide

As versatile as it is tasty, apple purée is delicious in both sweet desserts and... Read More >>

How to Macerate Strawberries Sous Vide

The traditional method of maceration – soaking fruit in liquid to soften and/or flavour it... Read More >>

How to Finish Sous Vide Dishes

Cooking sous vide has many advantages, including precision, reliability and consistency: it will always produce... Read More >>

How to Cook Venison Shoulder Sous Vide

You might struggle to find a shoulder joint of venison on supermarket shelves but you... Read More >>

How to Cook Turkey Breast Sous Vide

A common problem with roasting turkey breasts is that, if you are not careful, the... Read More >>

How to Cook Trout Sous Vide

From sea trout to rainbow trout, there are many different varieties of trout to choose... Read More >>

How to Cook Squid Sous Vide

The difficulty of cooking squid is well-known. The two most common methods – very quick... Read More >>

How to Cook Sea Bass Sous Vide

With its firm, almost meaty flesh and its delicate flavour, sea bass has long been... Read More >>

How to Cook Scallops Sous Vide

As one of the more expensive shellfish, scallops are usually reserved for special occasions and... Read More >>

How to Cook Sardines Sous Vide

Many of us will be most familiar with sardines as a cheap fish that comes... Read More >>

How to Make Roast Potatoes Sous Vide

Although potatoes cannot actually be roasted in a vacuum bag, pre-cooking them sous vide is... Read More >>

How to Cook Red Mullet Sous Vide

Native to waters near Italy, France and Spain, red mullet is popular in Mediterranean cooking.... Read More >>

How to Cook Rabbit Legs Sous Vide

Rabbit can be a challenging meat to cook using traditional methods. A small error in... Read More >>

How to Cook Quail Breast Sous Vide

Quail really benefits from cooking sous vide. This precision method keeps the bird at a... Read More >>

How to Cook Pork Rack Sous Vide

High-temperature cooking methods can dry out pork rack, making the meat tough and unappetizing. You... Read More >>

How to Cook Pork Belly Sous Vide

Although a relatively cheap cut of meat, pork belly can be succulent and tender if... Read More >>

How to Cook Polenta Sous Vide

If you are looking for a tasty alternative to wheat or potato, polenta – sometimes... Read More >>

How to Cook Plums Sous Vide

In season from August to October, plums are one of the tastiest treats of the... Read More >>

How to Cook Pineapple Sous Vide

You can make deliciously sweet and sticky pineapple by cooking the fruit sous vide with... Read More >>

How to Cook Pig’s Ears Sous Vide

Pig’s ears are a tragically underrated and underused part of the pig. Cooked properly, they... Read More >>

How to Cook Octopus Sous Vide

Octopus is notoriously difficult to cook. Even the most skilled chefs sometimes struggle to... Read More >>

How to Cook Monkfish Sous Vide

For many chefs and home cooks, the unusual, almost ‘meaty’ flesh of monkfish is one... Read More >>

How to Cook Mackerel Sous Vide

Fish fillets, particularly small ones like mackerel, often cook unevenly when heated to a high... Read More >>

How to Cook Lobster Sous Vide

For seafood lovers, there are few better treats than lobster but, if you want to... Read More >>

How to Cook Lemon Sole Sous Vide

Fillets of lemon sole are easy to overcook because they are very thin and delicate.... Read More >>

How to Cook Lamb Shanks Sous Vide

A staple of gastropub menus, lamb shank is becoming increasingly popular with home cooks. Traditionally,... Read More >>

How to Cook Lamb Rump Sous Vide

Method Preheat the water bath to a temperature of 62⁰C. Season the lamb rump with salt, then... Read More >>

How to Cook Lamb Rack Sous Vide

Lamb rack makes a stunning main for dinner parties and special Sunday lunches but many... Read More >>

How to Cook Lamb Leg Steaks Sous Vide

The most tender and flavoursome cuts of lamb, such as the loin, can be very... Read More >>

How to Cook Halibut Sous Vide

Delicate in both texture and flavour, halibut can dry out when pan-fried or roasted. Cooking... Read More >>

How to Cook Haddock Sous Vide

Similar to cod in both taste and texture, haddock is delicious in any recipe... Read More >>

How to Cook Gurnard Sous Vide

Although full of flavour, gurnard does not enjoy the same popularity as other white fish,... Read More >>

How to Cook Foie Gras Sous Vide

A luxurious – if sometimes controversial – delicacy from south-west France, foie gras is something... Read More >>

How to Cook Duck Breast Sous Vide

One advantage of cooking duck breasts sous vide is that the meat retains all its... Read More >>

How to Cook Damsons Sous Vide

A subspecies of plum, damsons are distinguished by their astringent flavour, which can make the... Read More >>

How to Cook Chicken Wings Sous Vide

An inexpensive but flavoursome cut, chicken wings make delicious party finger-food, especially when smothered in... Read More >>

How to Cook Brill Sous Vide

A member of the turbot family, brill is known for its firm texture and sweet... Read More >>

How to Cook Bone Marrow Sous Vide

In recent years, bone marrow has appeared with increasing regularity on restaurant menus and the... Read More >>

How to Cook Asparagus Sous Vide

When asparagus is boiled in water, it loses flavour and the margin for error is... Read More >>

How to Cook Apricots Sous Vide

It is easy to overcook apricots when using conventional cooking techniques. The high temperatures used... Read More >>

How to Confit Egg Yolk Sous Vide

Cooking sous vide allows you to maintain low temperatures consistently over long periods and, as... Read More >>

How to Cook Leeks Sous Vide

Cooking leeks can be challenging because the outer layers cook quicker than the inner core.... Read More >>

How to Confit Duck Leg Sous Vide

The dense, hard-working muscle in duck legs can become tough when cooked at a high... Read More >>

The modernisation of the food industry

Running a busy and successful restaurant business certainly has its challenges. It’s a fast paced... Read More >>

Host Milano – Hall 5 Stand V11- 23rd-27th October 2015

We are delighted to be making our debut appearance at Host in Milan this year,... Read More >>

It’s here! Sous Vide Tools release second book – The Chef’s Choice

Here at Sous Vide Tools we are delighted to announce the release of our second... Read More >>

Excalibur Dehydrator – reviewed by Hungry Healthy Happy

Kitchen gadget fan Dannii over at Hungry Healthy Happy has recently put our ... Read More >>

SousVideTools.com Launch Cooking Calculator

So often here at SousVideTools.com, we are asked questions on how to create perfection on... Read More >>

Olympia London 5th – 7th October 2015

We are delighted to once again be exhibiting at The Restaurant Show and are looking... Read More >>

Should I Invest In A Food Dehydrator?

Whilst they’ve been a staple piece of equipment in professional kitchens for a number of... Read More >>

Finalists Announced for National Chef of the Year

Competition is now intensifying in the race to be crowned National Chef of the Year,... Read More >>

Skills for Chefs Event, Wednesday 1st July

Chris Holland our development Chef is sharing his skills and knowledge with a session on... Read More >>

Sousvidetools Guides

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Lancashire Life – Sous-vide – is this the next must-have appliance for your kitchen?

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Our Tips For The Best Ever Barbeque

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SousVide Tools Sponsor National Chef of the Year

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Our Ex-Display Shop is now open

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5 Ways to Sous Vide Your Leftover Easter Chocolate

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Save £630 On A Professional Sous Vide Set Up

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New Areas For Free Delivery

We are delighted to announce that we can now offer FREE DELIVERY a number of European countries. From Wednesday... Read More >>

What is Paleo and is it For You?

With a sudden boom in people following the Paleo diet, we wanted to share some... Read More >>

Caterign Insight

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Traditional vs Sous Vide: Cook a Three Course Meal Without the Stress

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Our Guide To Sous Vide Cooking Times

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