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A Beginners’ Guide to Spherification | The Tool Shed

A Beginners’ Guide to Spherification

Cooking isn’t just about the necessity to create meals that will fuel our bodies. In fact, food preparation has become a lot more exciting and creative, allowing professional and home chefs to experiment and design dishes that push the boundaries and can be enjoyed through all of the senses.

There are countless techniques used to create these imaginative and innovative meals, one of which is the process of spherification. So what is spherification and how can you use this technique in your culinary delights?

What is Spherification?

Spherification is the process of shaping liquids into spheres which can vary in size. The smaller spheres often look and feel like roe and will burst when bitten into. Larger spheres can look more like an egg yolk and will burst in a similar way when cut into. They can be used in a number of different applications and across all courses of a meal.

How Does Spherification Work?

The process uses gelling agents to create a liquid sphere with gel-like shell encasing it. There are two methods for spherification, basic spherification and reverse spherification. The basic method involves adding the gelling agent directly to the liquid, whereas the reverse method means that the liquid is added to a setting bath. Using the reverse method, you can freeze the liquid before placing it in the setting bath, something which is often used when creating larger spheres.

Why Use Spherification?

Spherification is an excellent way of presenting food that will leave a lasting impression on those who try it. Not only does it look impressive, it adds an extra element to the culinary experience. Adding an extra texture to a dish which is unlike the others engages the senses. It also provides an opportunity to add flavours to a dish in an innovative way. As spherification uses liquids, you could add fruit juices to a dish in an alternative way.

How to Utilise Spherification

This process can be used in a variety of ways and can be utilised across all courses of a meal. Larger spheres can be used to give one bite tasters that are perfect for events when you want to show off your culinary prowess, both in commercial and domestic settings.

Alternatively, you could create smaller spheres that resemble roe, using them in dishes to add flavour and texture whilst offering a way to beautifully present the plate.

Spherification provides an excellent way to take your meal preparation to new levels, offering a way to make your dish not only taste great but look incredible as well. It’s even easier with our own ‘Spherificator Kit.’

At Sous Vide Tools we help professional chefs and home cooks take their cooking to the next level as they use modernist cooking techniques to put together great dishes. You can take a look at our selection of tools online or check out our recipes to find a little inspiration.