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A Guide to Cooking Sous Vide With Wine | The Tool Shed

A Guide to Cooking Sous Vide With Wine

Wine is a favoured ingredient of many professional and home cooks who love to add it to their dishes to create flavoursome sauces. However, as with any other ingredient, it’s important to use it in the right way if you want to get a really great result.

When you cook sous vide, the way ingredients respond can be different to how they do when prepared with traditional methods, so you may have to alter the way you do certain things in order to get the delicious flavours and wonderful textures. This is particularly true when using wine in your cooking.

Can You Use Wine When Cooking Sous Vide?

In short, yes! There is no reason why you can’t enjoy the same recipes that call for wine when cooking sous vide, you may simply need to alter things a little. Adding wine to your sous vide recipes can result in rich, deep and complex flavours, taking your cooking to the next level.

How Can You Cook Sous Vide With Wine?

The main difference between the traditional method of cooking with wine and cooking sous vide is the fact that the ingredients are in a vacuum sealed bag, so any liquid that would usually evaporate is trapped inside the bag. This means that the alcohol cannot cook off as it needs to evaporate.

The best way to approach cooking Sous Vide with wine is to reduce the wine before adding it to the bag. This will allow the alcohol to evaporate, leaving you with a liquid which will make the perfect sauce for your recipes. Reducing the wine will also concentrate the flavour (which will dilute when it’s mixed with the juices that come out of meat).

What Can You Cook With Wine? 

There are plenty of recipes that you can use to make delicious sous vide dishes with your favourite wines, with a few of our favourites being:

  • Sous Vide Coq Au Vin
    This recipe calls for a bottle of French red wine and uses it by cooking off the alcohol in a saucepan with other ingredients before adding them to the bags with the chicken. This leaves you with a rich sauce and perfectly cooked chicken.
  • Braised Blade of Beef with Red Wine Shallots, Creamed Spinach and Mash
    The wine in this recipe is used in two ways, giving this dish a real depth. As with the previous recipe, the wine is reduced with other ingredients before being added to the bag holding the beef. However, this recipe also calls for a little red wine to be added to a separate bag with shallots, giving a stronger flavour.
  • Sous Vide Rabbit Leg with Muscat Wine, Grilled Young Vegetables and Soft Herbs
    For this game recipe, you will need a good Muscat wine which will be reduced along with the herbs and spices. The combination of the wine with saffron, star anise, cardamom, orange and other ingredients will pair perfectly with the distinct flavour of rabbit.

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