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Testimonials From Our Sous Vide Training Classes

We’re proud to say that our sous vide training classes offer both home foodies and professional chefs an opportunity to learn the sous vide technique from our own development chefs.

A couple of years ago, we acknowledged that there is a scarce supply of information available on the technique for aspiring chefs or foodies; let alone training and took action to launch our own.

Each class is run at our state of the art training facilities in Lancaster and London and to validate the course and produce our training guide we have teamed up Campden BRI, the UK’s leading provider of practical scientific, technical and advisory services, to the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA).

Our sous vide training day covers:

  • Relationship between cooking pressure and precise temperature
  • Origin and background of sous-vide
  • Controlling the colour, tenderness and flavour of your food
  • How to choose, calibrate and maintain the right equipment for your kitchen
  • Hands-on sous-vide training and experimentation
  • Creating your own sous-vide recipes
  • Sous-vide techniques for meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit, sauces, herbs and aromatics
  • Microbiology, bacteria, food safety and shelf life for safe and high-quality products
  • Discussion of the E.H.O. regulations on sous vide cookery/vacuum sealing

But what do past attendees of the training days have to say?

We’ve been asking for feedback from recent courses and are proud that every single response has rated the day 5*, all have commented that the day was how they’d expect (or better) and all would gladly recommend to friends, family and colleagues.

If you’re considering booking, here’s a few recent comments:

  • “I had a fantastic day! Josh is an excellent teacher; engaging, knowledgeable – a joy! The facilities are lovely and very comfortable.”
  • “Before the day, I had zero experience with sous vide; I would now love to dive in further and learn more.”
  • “You should promote the course to non-cooks as sous vide actually make it easier than traditional cooking!”
  • “The day was awesome & lovely. 10/10. Excellent and very friendly, just great!”
  • “Josh clearly explained all the processes and showed how easy it is to plan ahead and prepare lots of different meals in advance to save time.”