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Supplying only the Best to The Great British Menu 2019 | The Tool Shed

Supplying only the Best to The Great British Menu 2019

The Great British Menu has once again returned for 2019 and even within the first few weeks we have already seen some stunning dishes scoring the ultimate 10 but also some faring not so well in the eyes of the esteemed chef judges.

We take a very keen interest to see what dishes the regional chefs are creating to match to this years brief, celebrating the British Music Industry.  Equally, it’s always of interest to see what equipment and techniques the chefs are using.  As a supporter of the series Sousvide Tools provided a range of equipment for filming and already we can see they’ve been put to good use.

‘The only way to cook my lobster tail on Great British Menu was to use the Japanese Konro grill. Achieving that gentle, smokey flavour which so many other bbq’s fail to get right’  Luke Selby, South East Region Winner.

Luke used the Konro for his Fish Course Titled “Rocks Stars” which Judge Angela Harnett gave the prefect 10 score.

The Equipment Stars of GBM’19

“The Sousvide Tools ‘Hendi’ Dehydrator as featured on this years GBM, offers great value, along with a build quality that is both robust and reliable.  Compared to other brands that are synonymous to food dehydrating, I would personally choose the Hendi Dehydrator every time.”

David Coulson, Chef Patron – Peace & Loaf (Newcastle)
North East Region Competitor – 2018

Sous Vide Tools’ very own Chef Director, Chris Holland was a previous contestant on Great British Menu so we caught up with him to talk about what it was like being in the GBM kitchen and how important the equipment is to those taking part.

What do you recall of your time on GBM and the pressures you were under in front of the camera’s?
GBM for me was one of my proudest culinary achievements and a real honour to be representing the North West region.  The production process of such a programme provides many obstacles and hurdles along the way for all competitors as the deadlines are tight and timings critical.  It’s for this reason in my opinion, why you see the chefs competing using kitchen equipment that provides as much control and efficiency as possible.  Accuracy is indeed key and using the correct equipment to give you consistency, is extremely important.


What essential pieces of Kitchen Kit could you not have been without when competing?
I appreciate that not everyone likes to use SousVide, but for my menu it was very important as it provided the perfect control and accuracy without too much extra pressure on overcooking or undercooking but at the same time locking in the flavours.  For me also the use of a smoking gun gave me the very best control when smoking my salmon and as we’ve seen this year already for final presentation of dishes to add the wow factor to a dish .


What’s caught your attention with this year’s chefs and their use of kitchen equipment?
This year we have already seen the Japanese Konro grill being used by a number of the chefs. In recent years it was all about the Kamado style bbq’s but again as we have seen it’s not always about the charring of meat and fish but also adding real dynamic flavours to grilled vegetables. When I filmed GBM I chatted my cabbage in a very hot pan – the Konro would have been perfect for this.  I know we are only into the third week but I am sure we will see chefs using the dehydrator to help concentrate flavour and to add new and important texture to their dishes but also the use of the vacuum machine for instant pickling, compression and also aeration.


Finally any advise you would give to chefs given the opportunity to appear on the series?
If you are given the opportunity to compete in GBM do it!   It was an exhilarating experience that not many are lucky enough to do.