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Introducing Our Dine at Home 3 Course Meal Boxes | The Tool Shed

Introducing Our Dine at Home 3 Course Meal Boxes

Eating sous vide cooked food was where our passion to create SousVideTools came from, after being offered a opportunity to sell devices into the professional market was accompanied by a tasting of what the product could do, one mouthful and we were sold.

We have always wanted to offer sous vide cooked food alongside our product offering but there never seemed the right time or place to put it into action. However with our Chef Director, Chris Holland currently unable to invite you into the training kitchen, we have decided that now was a excellent opportunity for Chris to bring the taste of sous vide, that so many of our customers have fallen in love with into the home.

We wanted our dine at home boxes to be:

Accessible for everyone

You DO NOT need a sous vide device to enjoy them, we did the sous vide bit for your already (Obviously we hope anyone who takes a box without a sous vide device might be tempted to purchase….)

To feel like a indulgent treat

All boxes are 3 courses for 2 people, with artisan bread and a cocktail.

Offer maximum enjoyment with minimum effort

Many of the elements have been cooked from scratch by our development team, they have done all the peeling, chopping, seasoning, flavouring, part cooking and washing up for you. The most you will need to do is some over or hob reheating and plating.

The dishes will all have a key aspect of them cooked sous vide to reflect our business and seasonal ingredients from Udale Speciality Foods and Wellocks.

We have provided the inspiration (and the majority of the cooking), so sit back, relax and enjoy with the minimum of effort and maximum pleasure. Each week we will create a unique 3-course menu & Cocktail for the weekend. Order by Tuesday each week for delivery on the Friday, to enjoy the box during the weekend

The menu has been developed by our culinary team so expect restaurant quality, perfectly cooked food. The low-and-slow cooking process locks in the natural flavour and nutritional value of everything you will eat.

For more information, this weeks menu and to order, take a look here

We hope you enjoy……