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Introducing the new British-made Kasai Grill, in partnership with Tommy Banks | The Tool Shed

Introducing the new British-made Kasai Grill, in partnership with Tommy Banks

Today sees the launch of our British-made Kasai Grill, a stainless steel BBQ inspired by the famous Japanese blueprint of the Konro. The innovative Kasai, meaning ‘fire’ in Japanese, is ideal for grilling meats, vegetables and fish. Perfect for the great British summer ahead, its compact design sits neatly in any garden or outside setting. Suitable for the novice cook to the accomplished chef, the Kasai little grill is priced at £399 and the medium wide at £499.

The iconic structure of the Kasai uses a special insulating material that reflects heat back into the grill, allowing for a consistent temperature throughout cooking. It relies on bricks which are each fitted together precisely by hand for a strong, tighter, more fire resistant finished product. As a result, the charcoal in these grills burns longer than those used in conventional grills, giving the ultimate cooking experience. The binchotan charcoal required also produces inimitable smokiness when cooking, without the traditional BBQ’s bitter and burnt flavours. Once finished, the coals can be cooled, left to dry and used again and again.

For the launch of the Kasai Grill, we have partnered with Chef Tommy Banks, the talent behind Michelin starred restaurant The Black Swan, and its sister restaurant, Roots York, which was awarded a Michelin star in 2021. Follow @tommybanks for inspiration on Kasai Grill recipes, competitions and further information.