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The Perfect Stocking Fillers for Sous Vide Enthusiasts | The Tool Shed

The Perfect Stocking Fillers for Sous Vide Enthusiasts

If you’ve got a chef in your family who loves the sous vide cooking technique, or you know someone who won’t stop talking about how great sous vide tastes, then give them a gift this Christmas which they’ll absolutely love.

For anyone with a passion for sous vide cooking, these stocking fillers make the perfect present to develop their skills even further and add another great piece of equipment to their collection.

Sage Smoking Gun

Ideal for any chef who loves experimenting with flavours, this smoking gun is the perfect tool for infusing meats, fish, cheese and chocolate.

It’s also great for cocktails with delicate smoked flavours like hickory or applewood.

Everything you need to get started is in the box, including 4 AA batteries and 2 sample jars of smoking sawdust!

Sous Vide Thermapen Thermometer

How does the sous vide chef know when the food they’re cooking reaches perfection? With a Thermapen Thermometer of course!

This thermometer solves the problem of precision cooking, by measuring the internal temperature of cooking food, without breaking the vacuum.

All the chef needs is a piece of the foam tape included, to help them achieve their most accurately cooked ingredients yet!

Sous Vide Cook Books

If the chef in your household has absolutely every sous vide tool imaginable, then why not stimulate their imagination and give them some great new ideas for delicious dishes?

There’s a whole host of cook books to tantalise the tastebuds.

And they’re sure to keep the sous vide chef you know entertained for hours as they cook their own versions of these culinary delights.