Super Sous Vide Overnight Oatmeal | Recipe by

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Super Sous Vide Overnight Oatmeal | Recipe by

Super Sous Vide Overnight Oatmeal

Super Sous Vide Overnight Oatmeal Other
  • COOK TIME: 10 Hours
  • SERVES: 2


  • 54 g porridge base (Try half rolled oats and half pinhead oatmeal.)
  • 160 ml milk or cream
  • 240 ml water
  • 2 teaspoon (10 ml) raisins
  • 1 teaspoon (5 ml) maple syrup or honey
  • You’ll also need 2 half pint (300 ml) glass jam jars with lids


Fancy something a bit different for breakfast over the weekend?  I’ve recently been discussing one of the latest growing trends in healthy eating that is overnight oats, so I thought I would share a recent recipe that we have found and intend to try this weekend!


  1. Fill your water bath and preheat to 60C.
  2. Split the oats and milk between the two jars and add 120ml of the water to each of the jars.
  3. Add the remaining ingredients (the raisins and the maple syrup / honey) and put the lids on – ensuring that the lids are firmly screwed on.
  4. Put the jars in the water oven, ensuring that the lids of the jars are above the water level.
  5. Cook overnight for a minimum of 10 hours.
  6. The following morning, put your best pyjamas on, get a spoon, open the jar and enjoy! (Add a slab of butter if desired or not counting calories!)
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