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On the Coals Romesco Potato Salad I Kasai Grills | Recipe by sousvidetools.com

On the Coals Romesco Potato Salad I Kasai Grills

On the Coals Romesco Potato Salad I Kasai Grills https://www.youtube.com/embed/e5tgVK9Uivw Charcoal Cooking Recipes
  • SERVES: 6


For the Romesco sauce

200g cherry tomatoes
2 red peppers

100g baby courgettes

1 garlic clove, crushed

110g hazelnuts, toasted

50g Old Winchester, grated

50ml rapeseed oil

1tsp Sherry Vinegar

For the salad

6 red peppers

24 baby courgettes (about 800g)

200g garden peas

24 baby potatoes, par boiled

200g Old Winchester

100ml rapeseed oil, combined with 20g basil oil to make a dressing


This Romesco Potato Salad is Tommy Banks, brand ambassador for the Kasai Grills, favourite summer dish. Level up the flavours of the courgette and potatoes with the Kasai Grill.

To make the romesco sauce, in a basket over the coals, add cherry tomatoes until the skins peel away and they begin to soften, about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, add the peppers and baby courgettes to the coals, or close to the coals and cook until blistered, about 5 minutes.

To make the sauce add the hazelnuts (reserve a few for garnish), peppers, cherry tomatoes, and the courgettes to a blender, and blitz. Add garlic and sherry vinegar and blitz again. Once sauce has reached desired consistency, add old Winchester and continue to blend. Add rapeseed oil until a smooth paste is formed. Set aside until needed.

To make the salad: toss the par boiled potatoes in salt and pepper and add them to the basket, add to the coals and cook until blistered skin, about 4 minutes.

Cook the baby courgettes and peppers on the grill until coloured and the skin blisters, for about 4 minutes. Rolling every minute.

To plate, add a couple of spoons of Romesco sauce to the bottom of a wide bowl/plate. Cut your courgettes into thirds and remove seeds and slice your red peppers and position on top of sauce along with potatoes, and garden peas.

Dress the plate with the remaining hazelnuts, basil oil and grating of Old Winchester.


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