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Sous Vide Apple Sauce | Recipe by sousvidetools.com

Sous Vide Apple Sauce

Sous Vide Apple Sauce Sauces and Condiments
  • COOK TIME: 1 Hour 15 Minutes
  • SERVES: 4


  • 4 apples, peeled, cored, and chopped
  • 1 lemon, for juice
  • 48 g granulated sugar
  • ½ teaspoon (2.5 ml) ground cinnamon


Did you, like thousand others, assume that the sous vide technique was just for joints of meats, vegetables and stews?  Well….you dont need us here at SousVide Tools HQ to tell you what the rhyme about assuming is…….but I will let you know that there is a whole array of things you can create – from stews to sauces, from meat to pure magic, why not try this easy-to-create apple sauce to accompany your roast this weekend?!


  1. Fill your water bath with water and preheat to 82C.
  2. Squeeze the lemon over the apple pieces and coat all the pieces by giving them a good shake.
  3. Pop the apples into a suitable cooking pouch, sprinkle with the sugar and cinnamon, giving them a shake so that the seasoning is distributed evenly over a single layer of apples and then vacuum seal the pouch.
  4. Place the pouch fully into the water bath and cook for 45 – 60 minutes.
  5. The apples are now cooked and ready for you to tweak.  If you want a chunky, rustic type of sauce to accompany your freshly roasted gammon, simply mash the apples (still in the pouch) with your hands.
  6. If you’re looking for a slightly smoother sauce, pop the apples into a food processor or into a bowl with a blender and give it a blitz into a smooth sauce to whatever consistency you require.
  7. Ensure your roast is fresh out the oven, or your ham sandwiches are ready and enjoy this sauce warm or cold.  You can also keep the sauce in the pouch or in a clean container for up to a week.
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