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Sous vide Dexter Beef | Recipe by sousvidetools.com

Sous vide Dexter Beef

Sous vide Dexter Beef Beef British, Beef
  • COOK TIME: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • PREP TIME: 45
  • SERVES: 6



beef fillet

100g salt

Parsley Porridge

1 bunch parsley

2 clove garlic

50g butter

1 shallot

100g porridge

700ml chicken stock

100g parmesan

100g dried breadcrumbs

1 egg

50g flour

Onion Puree

500g white onions

Onion Pannacotta


2 gelatine leaves


5 red onions



200ml port

200ml balsamic

Shallot Marmalade

500g shallots

To Finish

Chargrilled Spring Onion


Thanks to our friend, award winning Chef Tom Shepherd for this Sous Vide Dexter Beef recipe. Tom has been cooking up a storm offering his luxurious 3 course dine at home boxes and has been kind enough to share a selection of recipes, that he has used within the boxes that incorporate the sous vide technique.

To find out more about Tom or to order one of his delicious dine at home boxes have a peep at his website

beef – prep and roll beef, place into a 10% brine for 12 hours, wash and portion. Vacuum pack and cook for 15 mins at 58c, roast in a pan.

parsley porridge – place all ingredients into a pan and cook out until thick and gloopy, set in the fridge and shape into balls, pane and deep fry at 180c for 2/3 mins.

onion puree – peel and dice onion, heat butter to a nutty brown, cook onion until soft, blend and season.

shallot marmalade – slice shallots until thin, cook out gently in some sugar and salt until soft and sticky.

onion pannacotta – heat onion puree with milk and cream, boil agar and add gelatine, cool on a tray and once cool, cut out desired shape and serve.

Top with the charred spring onion to serve.



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