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Temper those Cravings with Chocolate - SousVide Style! | Recipe by sousvidetools.com

Temper those Cravings with Chocolate – SousVide Style!

Temper those Cravings with Chocolate – SousVide Style! Desserts


  • 1 pound (454g) dark (semi-sweet or bittersweet) chocolate, chopped uniformly




Did you know that you could even experiment with chocolate SousVide style?  This recipe shows you how to temper chocolate so that it can be used to brighten up the dullest of snack time treats – cover your favourite fruit or if you’re feeling a little naughtier why not try using it to make bon bons or cover biscuits.

This recipe was published with kind permission of Chocolatier Susie Norris, author of Chocolate Bliss


  1. Set your water bath to 46 degrees
  2. Place 340g of the chocolate into a medium sized pyrex or metal bowl and float in the water bath – do not close the lid.
  3. Stir sporadically with a wooden spoon or plastic spatula, ensuring that no water gets into the mixture.
  4. Repeat until the desired temperature is reached (check with a digital thermometer) then take the bowl out of the water bath, wiping the bottom of the bowl with a towel.
  5. Reset the water bath to 32 degrees, using ice to cool it down quickly if required.
  6. Add the rest of the chocolate into the bowl and mix.
  7. Cool the mixture until it reaches the desired temperature of 27 degrees, using ice cubes to speed up the cooling process if required.
  8. Place the bowl once again in the water bath and allow it to reach 32 degrees, checking with your thermometer – this should only take a couple of minutes and the chocolate will stay at that temperature whilst you work.
  9. The chocolate is now ready to use how you wish – whether it be to pop into moulds to make bonbons or to cover your favourite fruits, biscuits or sweet treats – the choices are endless!
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