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Sous Vide Cook A Three Course Meal | Sous Vide Tools

Traditional vs Sous Vide: Cook a Three Course Meal Without the Stress

Want to impress your friends, family or other half with a gourmet meal? Well, now you can without leaving your home.

For years, chefs have been using the sous vide method of cooking, and now that this has become more accessible and affordable for the home chef, it’s easier than ever for you to create a restaurant standard three course meal at home.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to show you how sous vide can eliminate the stress of traditional methods.

Traditional Methods

If you choose to create a three course meal using traditional methods, you will have to implement several steps that have the potential to ruin your evening, including:

1. Time Schedule

Trying to guarantee that each element of the starter, main and dessert is cooked to perfection and plated on time can be difficult when you have to focus on several different instruments, such as the oven and hob.

This is why, when using traditional methods, you will need to create and stick to a time schedule which outlines when and what you need to prepare and cook.

2. Preparation

Perfecting each element is a task for any chef which is why many choose to prepare vegetables, sauces and other sides in advance to prevent stress when serving. Although a great time saver, this won’t deliver the best results in terms of flavour and texture.

3. Hob Hovering

There is nothing more stressful and unromantic than hovering over a hob whilst your date waits in the next room.

However, as there is a fine line between disaster and perfection, especially when it comes to meat and fish, leaving the meal is sometimes a must.

A Stress Free Solution

By using sous vide methods, you can replace a time schedule, extensive amounts of preparation and hob hovering with three simple, stress free steps:

  1. Season and vacuum seal the ingredients
  2. Place in a water bath and set the timer
  3. Serve and enjoy

Instead of focussing on several different cooking times, you can rely on your sous vide machine to regulate the food’s temperature and deliver quality results. All you have to do is set the timer in line with the recommended cooking times and concentrate on the romance of the evening as your water oven does all the work.

As well as being extremely convenient, this style of cooking is fool proof; making it the ideal solution for every romantic on Valentine’s Day.

Recipe Suggestions

To impress your date this Valentine’s Day, you will need to deliver delicious food. Here are some of our favourite recipes, ideal for the occasion:

  • To ensure you can both enjoy all three courses, make sure portion sizes are respective of the course. Salmon is the perfect way to start a meal and can be used in several delicious yet light recipes. Turn Sous Vide Copper River Salmon into dainty blinis, a delicate risotto or salad.
  • Now you don’t have to worry about timings, you don’t have to stress about whether you are going to ruin a fillet steak, duck breast or lamb rump steak. Put one of these on your menu and instantly impress with your cooking ability.
  • Deliver the perfect end to a wonderful night with a dessert classic – Crème Brûlée. You and your date will both enjoy cracking through the golden caramelised top into a rich and creamy centre. To really impress, infuse the dessert with delicate spices and flavours, like our Masala Chai Crème Brûlée.

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