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Sous vide cooking at home – is it worth it? | The Tool Shed

Sous vide cooking at home – is it worth it?

Previously, Heston Blumenthal predicted that sous vide cooking would be the biggest change in the domestic kitchen since the microwave, and we couldn’t agree more!

You’ve probably heard Heston raving about sous vide ‘revolutionising the way we cook at home’, or seen the machinery being used on Masterchef and the Great British Menu, but we want to take a closer look at whether it is worth having a sous vide machine in your own kitchen.

Is Sous Vide cooking worth it?

A lot of home chefs rely on sight, touch, taste and smell, so the precision required by sous vide machines might be off putting, but it really shouldn’t be.

Cooking food using sous vide techniques requires little work and is great for cooks who want a worry free method; simply vacuum seal your food in a bag, place in your preheated water bath and leave to cook until needed again. No basting, stirring, simmering etc.

If you’re rushed off your feet or looking to cook food in advance, this method is definitely for you. Similarly, if you’re just looking for a stress free, simple way to prepare delicious, perfectly cooked meals, it’s highly recommended.

Benefits for the home chef

Mark Poynton, chef at Michelin starred restaurant Alimentum, explains how it’s not a gadget just for the professional kitchen:

“I’ve got two kids and I use the water bath all the time when cooking for them – it’s great. For example, because the veg holds all its nutrients, I know they are going to grow up knowing what a carrot is supposed to taste like.”

Bowl of Carrots

Other benefits include:


No matter what level of experience you have in the kitchen, it couldn’t be easier to get to grips with this method of cooking. Simply find the correct temperature and cooking times and leave the bath to do its job.


With delicate foods like fish, or precision dependent foods such as steak and lamb, traditional methods are difficult to get right every time. There is always the risk that you will overcook or ruin the texture of the food.

Sous vide cooking methods are extremely precise, and allow you to keep the food at the specific temperature for a long period of time without ruining the dish.


You can let the food speak for itself; because it is cooked in a vacuum sealed bag, all the juices are locked in throughout the full cooking time to intensify the flavour.

Vacuum sealed dish


As you are cooking the food at the perfect temperature, it can’t be overcooked. This means you are able to hold it in the bath at the control temperature for a long period of time, past its cooking time, without ruining it.

Improved Nutrition

Quite often, when using traditional cooking techniques, food loses the fats that add nutritional value. As with the food’s juices, sous vide cooking techniques keep essential vitamins and antioxidants locked in with the food.

What equipment do you need?

To get you started, there are three essential pieces of equipment:

  1. Water Bath
  2. Vacuum Sealer
  3. Vacuum Sealer Bags

These are all available to buy separately from SousVide Tools, or come as a three part promotion.

Or, for help choosing the right machines, contact us on [email protected].

Recipe suggestions for the home chef

Whether you’re getting started or looking for your next dose of culinary inspiration, we have a range of sous vide recipes perfect for the home chef: