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SousVide Supreme Features On Stephen Fry: Gadget Man | The Tool Shed

SousVide Supreme Features On Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

We were delighted to see our SousVide Supreme taking centre stage on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man last night on Channel 4, the show focused on tasty tech which makes life easier in the kitchen. Cooking steak sous vide in his SousVide Supreme his dinner guests were amazed at the results. If you missed the show catch it on Saturday night at 8:30 as an alternative to the reality TV occupying so many of the other channels on a Saturday night. We got really excited here at sousvidetools.com when we saw one of our key domestic products being used.

With Christmas just around the corner the SousVide Supreme makes an ideal gift for any foodies in the family. I know when we first installed ours in pride of place in the kitchen I wasn’t sure how often it would be used but with a little forward planning its perfect for cooking healthy meals everyday and I always feel a little bit pleased with myself when I arrive home and know all I need to do is a quick pan finish and dinner will be served.