SousVide Tools Team Up With WastED London | The Tool Shed

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SousVide Tools Team Up With WastED London | The Tool Shed

SousVide Tools Team Up With WastED London

SousVide Tools is happy to be supporting the ‘WastED’ event in London, taking place on the rooftop of the Selfridges department store until April 2nd.

WastED started out in New York as a series of dinners where guest chefs and producers came together to create amazing dishes which reinvent what would usually be considered waste.

Now, chef Dan Barber has brought WastED to London, and SousVide Tools are happy to be providing equipment for the duration of the event including the PolyScience Control Freak, and PolyScience Smoking Guns.

Speaking about the pop-up, Dan Barber said: “We want to go beyond the ugly fruit and vegetables, the skin, the expired dairy – that’s all important but it is dwarfed in comparison to the big issues.

“For example, England grows a lot of wheat and most of that wheat goes into feeding animals instead of feeding humans – we’re going to shine a light on that.

“England is a dairy producing country but what does it do with 50% of its births, the male calves?

“They don’t produce milk and a large portion of them are actually shot dead – my interest is in drawing attention to that.

“What if you did allow it to drink milk from its mother and graze on pasture? It’s very delicious and if you paid enough money for that veal it would offset the loss of milk for the dairy, but you have to have the culture for veal.”

The UK already has a vibrant food waste movement, and it’s great to see Dan and so many other great guest chefs from across Europe coming together and serving up some healthy dishes while sparking some debate too.

The list of guest-chefs at WastED includes:

  • Wojciech Modest Amaro
  • Jason Atherton
  • Sat Bains
  • Daniel Berlin
  • Raymond Blanc
  • Andreas Caminada
  • Mark Dobbie & Andy Oliver
  • Alain Ducasse & Jean-Philippe Blondet
  • Andrew Fairlie
  • Björn Frantzén
  • Monica Galetti
  • Robin Gill
  • Brett Graham
  • Alex Hely-Hutchinson
  • Fergus Henderson
  • Tom Hunt
  • Tom Kerridge
  • Pierre Koffmann
  • Bruno Loubet
  • James Lowe
  • Isaac McHale
  • Doug McMaster
  • Nuno Mendes
  • Matt Orlando
  • Christian Puglisi
  • Gordon Ramsay & Clare Smyth
  • Lee Tiernan
  • Ben Reade
  • Simon Rogan
  • Paul Svensson
  • Marcus Wareing & Chantelle Nicholson
  • Andrew Wong

For reservations, either head to or call the team on 020 7788 6210.