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The Best Sous Vide Water Baths [2017 Edition] | The Tool Shed

The Best Sous Vide Water Baths [2017 Edition]

Water baths give you a complete, all in one package for cooking sous vide, acting as a container and circulator in one.

They’re commonly used in professional kitchens because they take up more space than a clip on immersion circulator, but as we’ll see, there are also plenty of models which are suitable for home use too.

We’re going to take a quick look through some of the best sous vide water baths available, based on how popular they are with our customers, as well as our own experiences.

The Pro Range

SousVideTools® Compact 14 Litre & 28 Litre Water Baths – £323.99 & £431.99

One of our most popular water baths amongst professional chefs is the Compact, which comes in both 14 Litre and 28 Litre variations.

As the name suggests, the Compact baths are ideal for saving space in a busy kitchen, but they can also fit a good amount of food in at once too.

With a bright touchscreen display, the machine is easy to use and can easily be seen from across the kitchen, and is a favourite with chefs due to its solid, contemporary design.

Accuracy and consistency are key when working in a professional environment, and the Compact can control temperature to within 0.1˚C with its PID controller, giving you consistent results, time after time.

Another great advantage of the compact is that it comes with moveable stainless steel partitions (four for the 14L and six for the 28L), which allow for greater portion control, and easy identification during the cooking process.

Products which have just been placed in the bath can also easily be separated from those which have been fully cooked and are ready to be served.

Finally, the Compact baths contain low water level protection, optical and acoustic alarms for time and temperature and a stainless steel lid too.

The Domestic Range

SousVide Supreme® SVS-09L Demi and SVS-10LS Water Ovens – £250.00 & £349.99

For the home market, the SousVide Supreme is one of the market leaders, and one of the first water baths to be designed specifically for the home market.

The SousVide Supreme can hold food for as long as 99 hours, with precise temperature control to within 0.5˚C, and it’s also a very economical appliance, costing less to run than a 60w light bulb.

Other features include a digital LED display, audible beeping once you reach the end of a cycle, a non-stick anodised aluminium interior and a lid which doubles as a drip tray for pouch transport.

The 9L Demi model offers all of the benefits of the original SousVide Supreme, but in a much smaller appliance, which is a great advantage to home chefs who perhaps don’t have as much room in their kitchen.

However, despite its relatively compact nature, the Demi can hold between eight and twelve 115g servings of food.

While these are our favourite water baths here at SousVideTools.com, be sure to check out our full professional and domestic ranges to see our other products, as well as our sous vide packages and bundles.