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The Essential Sous Vide Accessories You Need in Your Kitchen | The Tool Shed

The Essential Sous Vide Accessories You Need in Your Kitchen

Once you’ve got started with your sous vide circulator or water bath, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll inevitably want to start adding to your arsenal of sous vide gadgets.

There are all kinds of tools which can not only make sous vide cooking easier, but hopefully also give you some much better results!

Vacuum Sealer

While a vacuum sealer isn’t necessarily essential for sous vide cooking, it should be one of the first accessories you look to add to your collection.

A vacuum sealer works by sucking the air out of your sous vide pouches from the exterior of the appliance leaving them perfectly airtight and sealed.

Vacuum sealing your ingredients makes sous vide (and cooking in general) a whole lot easier, meaning that you can prepare ingredients in large batches and simply stick them in the fridge or freezer ready to be cooked sous vide throughout the week.

Using a vacuum sealer also serves the purpose of locking in the flavours of any marinades or seasoning that you choose to include and is also a great way of keeping leftovers fresh for a few days after they were initially prepared.

Sous Vide Containers

Again, while you don’t necessarily need a specialist sous vide container to get started, they’re the perfect partner to your thermal circulator.

While you can technically use any container that’s big enough to hold your ingredients, there are definitely benefits to investing in a specialist container.

Made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, sous vide containers come with pre-cut lids to fit your circulator which nicely sits on top of the container and provides insulation and makes sure that no water is lost through evaporation during the process, as if too much water does get lost during cooking, your circulator won’t work properly.

Blow Torch

Unlike traditional cooking methods, meat isn’t naturally browned or seared when you cook with a sous vide machine, which means you’ll have to quickly sear the meat yourself before serving.

While you can do this in a pan, you could also choose to invest in a culinary blow torch which is a much quicker solution (and one which will look far more impressive to your guests!).

Simply run the blowtorch over the outer layer of your meat before serving to achieve that perfect browned, caramelised crust.

Sous Vide Balls Blanket

One of the problems that you might find yourself facing when cooking with a thermal circulator is that a lot of water is lost through evaporation.

While one way to solve this is by using a container with a pre-cut lid as we’ve mentioned earlier, another solution is to use a blanket of floating sous vide balls, which cover the surface of the water and can reduce water evaporation by as much as 90%, which is crucial when you’re cooking over a long period of time.


Sous vide is all about keeping food at a very precise temperature, which is why it’s a good idea to have a specialist sous vide thermometer on hand.

These thermometers allow you to accurately read the temperature of the food that’s being cooked but do so without losing any of the vacuum pressure.

Not only do our thermometers have an extremely thin needle, but you can also use some sous vide foam tape, which expands once you remove the needle to ensure that the vacuum isn’t lost.

All of these accessories can help to make cooking sous vide a little bit easier, but we also stock a great range of non-sous vide accessories on our site too, such as smoking guns, food dehydrators, sphericators and more.