The Polyscience 300 - does it warrant a 'seal' of approval? | The Tool Shed

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The Polyscience 300 - does it warrant a 'seal' of approval? | The Tool Shed

The Polyscience 300 – does it warrant a ‘seal’ of approval?

We are excited to bring you our first review for one of our most popular items from our range over in the Sous Vide Tools shop, which can be found here.

This review has kindly been written for us by Aiden Ford, Oxfordshire.

Rating: 9/10

The Polyscience 300 is an excellent machine: Designed and built with care it’s robust, simple to clean, easy to use and performs well. The controls are straightforward and intuitive, with quality buttons and pleasing display.

When it comes to operation the vacuum and seal are very effective and the lower levels of vacuum power are good for gentler application, such as retaining a squab’s shape.

I had imagined sealing bags containing liquids would be more testing and fiddly, but it wasn’t – when the liquid level is below the bar level and you’ve got 2-3” of the bag top to wrap over the bar and under the clip, it holds itself in place. Untroubled and reassuringly effortless.

So why not 10/10 – I’m afraid the instructions are pants, and annoying. E.g. “use one or more of the volume plates supplied” – there aren’t any. Max bag width 30.5cm, whereas pre-sales material said bar width 30cm – so I measured the bar and its only 29.5cm. Luckily it’s so well designed the instructions can stay in a draw!

Would I recommend to a friend? – Certainly. Any caveats? – It needs clear space above it, any shelf or wall cupboard needs to be 28” above the work surface.

And the $64k question for a home cook: Is a “chamber” vacuum sealer really worth six or seven times the cost of a good table top “jaws” machine?

From my perspective definitely yes. I cook on Saturdays for fun and relaxation, rarely for less than 4-5 hours, I don’t repeat recipes and my goal is always exceptional taste. Sous vide is one of my favourite methods and not being able to cook with marinades/oils is a big draw back. (Without a chamber machine you have to be able to freeze the marinade solid, before a “jaws” can cope).