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SousVideTools.com Launches 'Sous Vide:The Ultimate Guide' | The Tool Shed

SousVideTools.com Launches ‘Sous Vide:The Ultimate Guide’

Whilst we offer a great range of Sous Vide books and training courses, we’ve yet to compile all our knowledge and experience into an all-encompassing online guide. As such, we’ve spent the past few weeks putting together ‘Sous Vide: The Ultimate Guide‘ which rocks in at a whopping 7,000 words and offers everything you could ever want to know when getting started with Sous Vide cooking.

From a look at the science behind the technique through to pro-chef insights from our very own Chris Holland, if you’re looking for the ultimate to everything sous vide, you’ll find it here.

Of course, at the end of the day, we run The Toolshed to help both home and pro foodies alike to develop their love for all things Sous Vide, from a huge collection of recipes to an impressive library of videos. That is all in conjunction with our online store which stocks everything from home sous vide machines right the way through to vacuum packing machines, thermal circulators and so much more.